FEDORA-2023-659e9ceab3 created by lsm5 a year ago for Fedora 36

bump to v4.4.0

This update has been submitted for testing by lsm5.

a year ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'waiting'.

a year ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'failed'.

a year ago

This seems to have a dependency problem:

2023-02-02T08:52:07-0500 WARNING Problem: cannot install the best candidate for the job - nothing provides containers-common-extra >= 4:1-66 needed by podman-5:4.4.0-1.fc36.x86_64

User Icon adamwill provided feedback a year ago

I think that depends on FEDORA-2023-041092cd8f which should hit stable before podman does

This update has been pushed to testing.

a year ago

Bodhi is disabling automatic push to stable due to negative karma. The maintainer may push manually if they determine that the issue is not severe.

a year ago

they should've been submitted together, or this one should only have been submitted after that was stable, then.

ah yeah. my bad. we can karma this up after containers-common goes to stable.

@adamwill hmm, do you know if I can unpush this and add the same build to the containers-common bodhi? I really don't wanna do a new build

unfortunately, no, it's just not possible with how bodhi works currently. builds can only be in one update and updates cannot be deleted; an unpushed update still 'counts'. you either have to rebuild, or wait for containers-common to go stable. it has stable-by-time set to 7 days and it was pushed 6 days ago, so shouldn't take much longer.

note, once containers-common goes stable, you should be able to re-run the test with the 're-trigger tests' button and it should pass.

This update has been obsoleted by podman-4.4.1-2.fc36.

a year ago

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