dnf-4.16.1-2.fc39, dnf5-5.0.14-1.fc39, & 1 more

FEDORA-2023-69dfac15db created by nsella 8 months ago for Fedora 39

dnf 4.16.1-2

  • dnf-data: depend on /etc/dnf/dnf.conf, not libdnf5
  • Update to 4.16.1
  • DNF5 should not deprecate DNF on Fedora 38

dnf5 5.0.14-1

  • Release 5.0.14
  • Modify libdnf5-devel to generate pkgconf(libdnf5)
  • Handle unnamed environments in transaction table
  • Return error exit code on RPM transaction failure
  • Add repoquery --file option
  • Add repoquery --arch option
  • Add repoquery --installonly option
  • Add repoquery --extras, --upgrades and --recent options
  • Add repoquery --changelogs formatting option
  • Don't complete ls alias
  • Add rq command alias for repoquery
  • Exclude dnf.conf when not installed
  • Improve the download methods API
  • Switch to parameterless download methods and introduce setters for fail_fast and resume
  • Affected classes: libdnf::repo::FileDownloader, libdnf::repo::PackageDownloader
  • Update specfile to exclude dnf.conf for fedora < 39
  • Release 5.0.13
  • Fix resolve behavior for download
  • Add a message when --downloadonly is used
  • Add --downloadonly option to multiple commands
  • Release 5.0.12
  • Have DNF update to DNF5
  • Add dnf, yum obsoletes and provides
  • Symlinks for dnf and yum binaries
  • Move ownership of /etc/dnf/dnf.conf, /etc/dnf/vars, and /etc/dnf/protected.d from dnf-data to libdnf5
  • Conflict with older versions of dnf-data that own these files/directories
  • Print environments in the transaction table
  • Add support for environmantal groups in dnf5daemon
  • Handle unnamed groups in transaction table
  • Update documentation for distro-sync --skip-unavailable
  • Update documentation for downgrade --skip-unavailable
  • Update documentation for upgrade --skip-unavailable
  • Add repoquery --files and files querytag instead of --list
  • Add getters to package for: debug, source, repo-name
  • Add repoquery --querytags option
  • Document repoquery --queryformat
  • Add repoquery --qf alias to repoquery --queryformat
  • Add get_depends() to package and --depends to repoquery
  • Implement keepcache functionality (RhBug:2176384)
  • API changes:
  • libdnf::repo::PackageDownloader default ctor dropped (now accepting the Base object)
  • libdnf::base::Transaction not accepting dest_dir anymore (implicitly taken from configuration)
  • A note for existing users:
  • Regardless of the keepcache option, all downloaded packages have been cached up until now.
  • Starting from now, downloaded packages will be kept only until the next successful transaction (keepcache=False by default).
  • To remove all existing packages from the cache, use the dnf5 clean packages command.
  • goal: Split group specs resolution to separate method
  • comps: Possibility to create an empty EnvironmentQuery
  • remove command accepts remove spec
  • Refactor remove positional arguments
  • Remove duplicates from group list output
  • Document copr plugin command
  • Document builddep plugin command

microdnf 3.10.0-2

  • Don't use libdnf5 as a dependency

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-69dfac15db

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'waiting'.

8 months ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'ignored'.

8 months ago

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi

8 months ago

This broke openQA tests in two ways: they use dnf groupinstall (which dnf4 was fine with but dnf5 rejects), and they use dnf config-manager --set-disabled (which dnf5 does not seem to have implemented yet). The first is easy to address (by changing to group install, which fortunately dnf4 also supports), the second is harder (I'm hoping I can bodge it with sed commands).

Regarding config-manager, I am adding our tracking issue here for cross-reference. We will re-discuss the priority for this feature.

Interestingly, I can use dnf to upgrade to this, but dnf5 fails with:

Problem: The operation would result in removing the following protected packages: dnf

@orion I was trying to test your use case, but it seems that there is currently some issue with checking out this advisory, because the mentioned "How to install" command doesn't really do anything. I've tried it on my local machine, Rawhide VM and ask my colleague with same results...

I guess it might by connected with untagging the previous dnf-4.16.0 release from the Rawhide which was delivered to ensure unprotecting the dnf package before dnf5 replacement will come.

I've created an upstream issue for everything related to this bodhi update: Please discuss here if it is possible, thanks!

The "how to install" instructions don't really work on Rawhide, I don't think. We should probably suppress them from being displayed for Rawhide updates (or display something more accurate). I'll see if I can send a patch for that.

For Rawhide, your options are "wait for it to be pushed stable and get in a compose", "pull it from Koji manually", or "configure and temporarily enable the Rawhide buildroot repo and get it from there".

ahh, so Bodhi is set to only show the instructions for Rawhide updates once they're stable, which makes sense - but there's still a time gap between a Rawhide update being 'pushed stable' and actually reaching a compose and the compose being synced out, which is when the command will work. Not sure it's worth trying to tweak that, though.

Oh, right. So it is that confusing "after stable gap" again :) No worry, I'll just wait until it's actually in compose.

/var/lib/libdnf5 is not owned by any package but unused /var/lib/libdnf is owned by libdnf5

/var/cache/libdnf5 is not owned by any package but unused /var/cache/libdnf is owned by libdnf5

libdfn5 installs /etc/dnf/dnf.conf but not owns /etc/dnf/

@nucleo Thanks for the report! I guess the only issue there is the /var/cache/libdnf5 ownership which is fixed already in upstream. /etc/dnf is owned by dnf-data which is required by dnf5. /var/lib/libdnf5 is not used anymore, /usr/lib64/libdnf5 is owned by dnf5 now.

@orion I reproduced it having the dnf 4.15.1 and dnf5 5.0.11 in Rawhide. dnf upgrade then could be performed, while dnf5 is throwing the mentioned error. It seems to be connected with changes in handling of the protected packages in dnf and dnf5. Not sure we can do anything about it, but it should be working using the default dnf version at the time ...

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