FEDORA-2023-70fc7bda71 created by vtrefny a year ago for Fedora 38

Automatic update for python-blivet-3.7.0-1.fc38.

* Wed Feb  8 2023 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.7.0-1
- Remove unused BLOCKDEV_DM_RAID technology from tasks (vtrefny)
- tests: Force remove LVM VG /dev/ entry not removed by vgremove (vtrefny)
- Mark LUKS2 integrity devices as always controllable (vtrefny)
- Ignore parent dependencies during action execute (vtrefny)
- tests: Patch checking stratis pool metadata size (vtrefny)
- Remove support for DMRAID devices (vtrefny)
- Do not read DDF RAID UUID from udev (vtrefny)
- Check physical and logical block size when creating a LUKS format (vtrefny)
- Add separate properties for logical and physical block size (vtrefny)
- Use DMI product_name for t2 mac detection. (83884198+sharpenedblade)
- vmtests: add a --logs arg to capture blivet.log from failed tests (berrange)
- examples: illustrate GPT GUID usage in partitioning example (berrange)
- vmtests: add test for GPT part type UUID validation (berrange)
- blivet: allow 'mountpoint' to be passed to PartitionDevice (berrange)
- deviceaction: retain explicit part type UUID when formatting (berrange)
- devices/partition: add ability to auto apply a GPT UUID (berrange)
- gpt: add helper API for discoverable partition UUIDs (berrange)
- devices/partition: allow passing partition type UUID (berrange)
- formats/disklabel: allow passing partition type UUID (berrange)
- Add a forced delay to udev settle in chroot environments (vlad.bespalov)
- Update public API documentation (vtrefny)
- tests/README: Clarify various test classes (vtrefny)
- Rename unit_tests.storagetestcase to unit_tests.blivettestcase (vtrefny)
- Add additional identifiers to NVMeNamespaceDevice (vtrefny)
- Add transport and address to NVMeController info (vtrefny)
- Make sure we close the streams when reading a file (vtrefny)
- Style changes. (sharpenedblade)
- Do not report mactel on T2 macs. (sharpenedblade)
- Add function to check for T2 apple macs. (sharpenedblade)
- Add a basic read-only support for UDF filesystem (vtrefny)
- add loongarch support (mahailiang)
- Add a basic support for NVMe and NVMe Fabrics devices (vtrefny)

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-70fc7bda71

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