FEDORA-2023-91625d0324 created by robert 4 months ago for Fedora 37

Apache Guacamole 1.5.1

User interface / platform

  • Bug: Error handling issues in stream processing code in Angular frontend (GUACAMOLE-1571)
  • Bug: Connections in background tabs may disconnect if throttled by Chrome/Safari (GUACAMOLE-1687)
  • Bug: User “Account Restrictions” time zone cannot be cleared (GUACAMOLE-1728)
  • Bug: Scope watches on session storage may trigger AngularJS “infdig” error (GUACAMOLE-1745)
  • Bug: Authentication rejections without an interactive login result in a white screen (GUACAMOLE-1756)

Authentication, integration, and storage

  • Bug: Hitting 2100 SQLServer query parameter limit with large user base (GUACAMOLE-1253)
  • Bug: UserGroup Attributes not getting picked from the ModelUserGroup instead is picked from Model User (GUACAMOLE-1606)
  • Bug: KsmRecordService.getField() may throw a NullPointerException if getCustom() returns null (GUACAMOLE-1769)

Protocol support / guacd

  • Bug: Self built guacd, Release 1.4.0 segfaults on RDP-Disconnect (GUACAMOLE-1505)
  • Bug: SSH Connections not working when FIPS mode is enabled on guacd host (GUACAMOLE-1669)
  • Bug: RDP NLA security mode incompatible with FIPS (GUACAMOLE-1674)
  • Bug: Cursor Improperly Initialized when Connecting to Gnome Remote Desktop via RDP (GUACAMOLE-1717)


  • Bug: Incorrect ‘i’ character in hungarian keymap (GUACAMOLE-1761)


  • Bug: Document Dependency Package Error (GUACAMOLE-1662)
  • Bug: Documentation: Link to PostgreSQL JDBC drvier is not correct any more (GUACAMOLE-1727)
  • Bug: X11 Keysym docs in protocol reference section of GUG points to dead page (GUACAMOLE-1787)

General housekeeping and cleanup

  • Bug: Incorrect instruction element length handle because of Java’s char type (GUACAMOLE-615)
  • Bug: Missing winpr/file.h includes (GUACAMOLE-1436)
  • Bug: uuid property of Guacamole.ChainedTunnel may not be initialized (GUACAMOLE-1562)
  • Bug: The frontend unnecessarily sends the auth token to the /api/patches endpoint (GUACAMOLE-1579)
  • Bug: mouse_mask not properly initialized within guac_terminal (GUACAMOLE-1595)
  • Bug: Typo mistake: Some wrong comments (GUACAMOLE-1636)
  • Bug: Auth token as a parameter in session/tunnels/<tunnel ID>/protocol request (GUACAMOLE-1775)
  • Bug: guac_user instances must only be referenced from user callbacks (GUACAMOLE-1784)
  • Bug: Build fails against Maven 3.9.x (GUACAMOLE-1788)
  • Update webapp dependencies to latest stable and compatible versions (GUACAMOLE-1786)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-91625d0324

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