FEDORA-2023-a9885caa48 created by churchyard a year ago for Fedora 38

Automatic update for python-packaging-23.0-1.fc38.

* Fri Feb  3 2023 Tomáš Hrnčiar <> - 23.0-1
- Update to 23.0.0
- Fixes: rhbz#2151743

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-a9885caa48

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User Icon adamwill commented & provided feedback a year ago

I've no idea how, but somehow, this breaks anaconda startup. Since it got tagged, the openQA "build a network install image then boot and install it" and "build a live image then boot and install it" tests are both failing on all updates. The netinst builds successfully, but fails to boot; building the live image fails because anaconda fails to run successfully.

I did a scratch build of the previous python-packaging with the Epoch bumped to 1 - - and triggered the tests on that scratch build: . The netinst tests have successfully reached a working anaconda at this point (which is further than they have reached on any other test recently) and the live image build test is also past the point where it is failing on other updates.

The diff between the packages included in the installer environment from the last failed test and the successful test on the scratch build is this:


i.e., in the working case we have python3-packaging-21.3 and python3-pyparsing-3.0.9; in the broken case we have python3-packaging-23.0 and no python3-pyparsing. Perhaps this dropped dep is the problem? I'm not sure. I will download one of the broken images and boot it locally and see if the logs indicate anything...

User Icon adamwill commented & provided feedback a year ago

Seems this is caused by anaconda using (arguably, abusing) a version parsing function from packaging that was deprecated years ago but is only removed in 23. @churchyard and I will work with anaconda folks to make that work differently. For now, untag request:

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BZ#2151743 python-packaging-23.0 is available

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