FEDORA-2023-db0a3af627 created by packit-stg 7 months ago for Fedora 39

Automatic update for packit-0.85.0-1.fc39.

Changelog for packit
* Mon Oct 30 2023 Packit <> - 0.85.0-1
- Packit no longer downloads sources excluded using spec file conditions. (#2132)

* Fri Oct 06 2023 Packit <> - 0.83.0-1
- We have fixed an issue that prevented automated allowlisting in the Packit Service. (#2113)
- Packit now also detects resolved bugs in the default update notes (created from changelog diff) and assigns these when submitting the Bodhi updates. (#2111)
- Packit now exports `PACKIT_UPSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME`, `PACKIT_DOWNSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME` and `PACKIT_CONFIG_PACKAGE_NAME` also in the `changelog_entry` action. (#2103)

* Fri Sep 29 2023 Packit <> - 0.82.0-1
- You can now specify bugs resolved by an update by `-b` or `--resolve-bug` option for `propose-downstream` and `pull-from-upstream` commands. The values will be added by default to the changelog and commit message and provided in `commit-message` and `changelog-entry` actions as `PACKIT_RESOLVED_BUGS` env variable. (#2094)
- Resolves rhbz#2240355

* Sat Sep 23 2023 Packit <> - 0.81.0-1
- Packit now supports the `pkg_tool` option in the config (at the top-level or with specific packages when using the monorepo syntax). This option can be used for switching between `fedpkg` or `centpkg`. (#2085)
- When updating the `Version` tag during `propose_downstream` or `pull_from_upstream`, Packit now tries to update referenced macros (if any) rather than overwriting the references. (#2087)
- If you have concerns about Packit uploading new archives to lookaside cache before creating a pull request, you can newly set `upload_sources` to False to disable this. (#2086)
- We have fixed a bug that could cause duplicit PRs to be created when using the `commit-message` action. (#2080)
- Packit now supports `commit-message` action that can be used to override the default commit message produced by Packit during `propose-downstream` or `pull-from-upstream`. Please pay attention to our [documentation]( with regards to the usage of this action. (#2070)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-db0a3af627

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BZ#2240355 packit-0.82.0 is available

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