FEDORA-2023-e9db66fbb0 created by packit 3 months ago for Fedora 39

Automatic update for osbuild-composer-95-1.fc39.

Changelog for osbuild-composer
* Wed Nov 29 2023 Packit <> - 95-1
Changes with 95
  * :lock: Update `` test case to reflect update mountpoint policy (#3796)
    * Author: Tomáš Hozza, Reviewers: Brian C. Lane
  * Cloud API: Support selecting multiple upload targets and add Pulp OSTree uploads (#3744)
    * Author: Achilleas Koutsou, Reviewers: Sanne Raymaekers
  * Fix rhel9 oscap test (#3816)
    * Author: Gianluca Zuccarelli, Reviewers: Alexander Todorov, Jakub Rusz
  * Revert "containers/osbuild-composer: wait for fluentd in entrypoint" (#3819)
    * Author: Diaa Sami, Reviewers: Sanne Raymaekers
  * Switch testing to RHEL-8.10 and RHEL-9.4 nightly (#3775)
    * Author: Jakub Rusz, Reviewers: Alexander Todorov
  * composer: use logrus hook instead of k8s sidecar for splunk log forwa… (#3795)
    * Author: Diaa Sami, Reviewers: Sanne Raymaekers
  * deps: update images to v0.18.0 (#3635)
    * Author: Achilleas Koutsou, Reviewers: Simon de Vlieger
  * pkg/splunk_logger: make it a module that can be imported seprately (#3799)
    * Author: Diaa Sami, Reviewers: Achilleas Koutsou
  * schutzbot/terraform: aws instance types rework (#3791)
    * Author: Sanne Raymaekers, Reviewers: Achilleas Koutsou
  * test/cases/ubi-wsl: query Windows VM ip address via vm show (#3800)
    * Author: Sanne Raymaekers, Reviewers: Jakub Rusz

— Somewhere on the Internet, 2023-11-29

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-e9db66fbb0

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