FEDORA-2023-f26592c322 created by robert a year ago for Fedora 36

Coturn 4.6.2

  • Fix MSVC CI build
  • Prometheus: make sure microhttpd starts using epoll if supported
  • Fix typo in mainrelay.c
  • Remove unused include that breaks OpenBSD
  • Delete LICENSE.OpenSSL
  • use santisied psql string
  • Use the actual redis connection string to connect, not the sanitized one
  • Implement non-blocking recvfrom on Windows
  • Add contributing guidelines
  • Move and split documentation files
  • Use inline functions for errno checks
  • Add STUN request/response/error prometheus counters
  • Add configuration option for TLS 1.3 ciphersuites
  • Fix wrong usage of C-style in place generated array
  • bugfix: fix broken type label of turn_total_allocations gauge
  • Add explicit SIGTERM and SIGINT handlers
  • Set string bytes to null to prevent random origin
  • Regenerate manual pages from README files
  • Fix inverted logic in TLS configuration options
  • Reduce code duplication when printing userdb
  • Fix memory corruption on socket close
  • Cleanup logs on turnserver start
  • Optional build info compiled into turnserver binary
  • Fix duplicate prometheus metric report
  • Add sessioncount to prometheus metrics
  • Update openssl API use to non-deprecated version
  • Log threadId to logs to aid in multi-threaded debugging
  • Use khash 0.2.8
  • Reflect new native Windows build support in documentation
  • Check and fix format string for turn_log_func_default
  • Properly calculate size for sm_allocated
  • Do not discard qualifiers in free()
  • Simplify defines for macOS platform
  • WINDOWS: unsigned long should not be used to store pointers
  • Reduce usage of TURN_NO_HIREDIS macros
  • Update to fix duplicate stdout log output
  • Use c11 standard
  • Reduce usage of TURN_NO_PROMETHEUS
  • Remove unnecessary declaration from header file
  • Support Windows MSVC
  • Fix resource leaks
  • Backlog fifo
  • Change rpm systemd service type from notify to exec
  • Add missing comma
  • Fix off-by-one when terminating gcm_nonce
  • Use %zu format specifier for size_t
  • Fix variable argument handling
  • Cleanup openssl initialization
  • fuzzing support
  • created netengine.c get_relay_server utility method to reduce code duplication
  • fix bug in calls to ssl_read and ssl_send where extra verbose flag goes missing
  • ignore raw UDP if no_udp is enabled
  • Sanitize DB connection string before printing to log
  • Better detect SCTP protocol
  • Redis memleaks and socketleaks
  • Fix issue 51563 in oss-fuzz
  • Fix multiple warnings in libtelnet.c file
  • Update libtelnet to 0.23 (portability issues)
  • Remove debug publish to redis
  • Cleanup unused include of header files
  • Use single SSL_CTX for DTLS support
  • Malformed response to mobility refresh request
  • Silence warnings by converting STRCPY to strncpy calls
  • Build CI with prometheus support
  • Replace references to non-existent pdf file with links
  • Fix TLS1.3 support
  • Use a single SSL context object
  • Use epoll for promhttp server if supported
  • Fix issues reported by cppcheck
  • Replace bcopy with memcpy
  • Replace bzero with memset
  • Improve openssl3 and FIPS support
  • Preserve file timestamps when using install
  • Fix renegotiation flag for older version of openssl

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-f26592c322

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