FEDORA-2024-7d60fdecf9 created by vtrefny 4 months ago for Fedora 40

Automatic update for python-blivet-3.9.0-1.fc40.

* Wed Jan 31 2024 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.9.0-1
- Fix getting default LVM cache metadata size from libblockdev (vtrefny)
- Fix checking for segment type for cache pools (vtrefny)
- tests: Enable GFS2 tests (vtrefny)
- tests: Move 'test_labels' to unit tests (vtrefny)
- Add a new function to check if a filesystem is empty (vtrefny)
- tests: Wait for array resync in MD tests (vtrefny)
- misc: Vagrantfile update (vtrefny)
- tests: Add a simple unit test for the NVMe module (vtrefny)
- tests: Add a test case with multiple devices with the same name (vtrefny)
- tests: Add basic unit tests for device_id (vtrefny)
- tests: Add a simple test for DeviceTree.get_device_by_device_id (vtrefny)
- Use get_device_by_device_id instead of _by_name in populator (vtrefny)
- Add a function to get a device by device ID (vtrefny)
- Add "device ID" that could be used as a unique device identifier (vtrefny)
- Fix adding new members to array with redundancy (vtrefny)
- Correctly set md_uuid when adding/removing member to/from array (vtrefny)
- tests: Add storage test case for MD RAID (vtrefny)
- Remove unused pylintcodediff helper script (vtrefny)
- tests: Add a simple unit test for Btrfs (vtrefny)
- Generate UUID for newly created btrfs volumes (vtrefny)
- nvme: Retrieve HostNQN from a first active fabrics connection (tbzatek)
- ci: Set custom release number for Packit (vtrefny)
- Support partitioning of hybrid boot disks (vponcova)
- Fix checking PV free space when removing it from a VG (#2232328) (vtrefny)
- tests: run_tests script enhancements (vtrefny)
- Add a BTRFS example (vtrefny)
- tests: Add a storage test case for BTRFS (vtrefny)
- Remove support for NVDIMM namespaces (vtrefny)
- Fix passing extra mkfs arguments to libblockdev (vtrefny)
- ci: Add a GH action to run blivet-gui test suite on PRs (vtrefny)
- ci: Add a Dockerfile for building a CI container (vtrefny)
- ci: Allow installing only build dependencies without test deps (vtrefny)
- Fix failing tests when running as a non-root user (vtrefny)
- Add flag to control LVM devices file support (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev to check for kernel modules availability (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev to remove filesystems instead of calling wipefs (vtrefny)
- swap: Use libblockdev to check label and UUID format (vtrefny)
- fs_test: Enable NTFS test case (vtrefny)
- availability: Remove the unused "lvmdevices" application (vtrefny)
- availability: Cleanup applications (vtrefny)
- Remove support for Apple HFS format (vtrefny)
- Fix raising FormatCreateError in FS._create (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev for filesystem mount operation (vtrefny)
- Use os.statvfs instead of df to get tmpfs size (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev to create supported filesystems (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev for reading filesystem label (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev for getting filesystem info and size (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev for filesystem resizing (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev for setting and checking filesystem label and UUID (vtrefny)
- swap: Simplify creating swap with UUID (vtrefny)
- Use libblockdev for the filesystem sync operation (vtrefny)
- Add libblockdev filesystem plugin to the list of required plugins (vtrefny)
- availability: Remove unused "mlabel" application (vtrefny)
- availability: Simplify checks for LVM VDO and shared LVM support (vtrefny)
- availability: Do not check e2fsprogs version (vtrefny)
- Remove JFS support (vtrefny)
- Remove support for ReiserFS (vtrefny)
- ci: Update default branch for Packit to 3.9-devel/release (vtrefny)
- fcoe/iscsi: Use libblockdev to load modules instead of modprobe (vtrefny)
- Added missing fstab object to SwapSpace (japokorn)
- misc: Update test dependencies ansible playbook (vtrefny)
- misc: Simplify the makebumpver script (vtrefny)
- Do not fail when kpartx is not available (vtrefny)
- Move kpartx dependency from DMDevice to MultipathDevice (vtrefny)
- ci: Update default branch for Packit to 3.9-devel/release (vtrefny)
- Include btrfs volumes names/labels in DeviceTreeBase.names (vtrefny)
- fixed issue (japokorn)
- Added support for user defined values in fstab (japokorn)
- Incorporated review comments (japokorn)
- Fstab support (japokorn)
- add udev-builtin-path_id property to zfcp-attached SCSI disks (maier)

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2024-7d60fdecf9

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