FEDORA-2024-7e981ad3e8 created by distrobuildsync-eln/ 2 months ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for python-blivet-3.10.0-1.eln136.

* Fri May 10 2024 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.10.0-1
- Added support for PV grow (japokorn)
- misc: Add stratis-cli and stratisd to test dependencies (vtrefny)
- tests: Add a base class for stratis tests (vtrefny)
- Add a Stratis example with pool encryption using Clevis/Tang (vtrefny)
- Clear VG UUID from PVs after removing the PV (#2278058) (vtrefny)
- Use longer timeout for Stratis DBus calls (vtrefny)
- safe-dbus: Allow using custom timeouts for the DBus calls (vtrefny)
- Catch JSONDecodeError when parsing Stratis Clevis info (vtrefny)
- Add support for unlocking locked Stratis pools with Clevis (vtrefny)
- Add support for creating encrypted Stratis pool with Clevis (vtrefny)
- Round Stratis Filesystem size down to the nearest sector (vtrefny)
- Make sure to include stderr when gathering output of stratis tools (vtrefny)
- Add support for adding new members to existing Stratis pool (vtrefny)
- Base StratisPoolDevice on ContainerDevice instead of StorageDevice (vtrefny)
- Ignore invalid/empty UUIDs for NVMe namespaces (vtrefny)
- lvm: Use more generic exception for inconsistent PV sector sizes (vtrefny)
- Do not allow creating stratis pools with different sector sizes (vtrefny)
- availability: Fix starting DBus services (vtrefny)
- fstab: Use 'mount_type' when writing filesystem type to fstab (vtrefny)
- Add basic support for BitLocker devices (vtrefny)
- nvme: Skip startup/write when NVMe plugin isn't available (vtrefny)
- Fix scanning partitions on RAID arrays (#2269133) (vtrefny)
- Add a test case with DDF BIOS RAID array (vtrefny)
- tests: Try to get distro and version from /etc/os-release (vtrefny)
- availability: Fix checking for DBus service availability (vtrefny)
- ci: Update packit configuration for 3.10-devel (vtrefny)
- Remove vim formatting comments (vtrefny)
- tests: Do not ignore entire test files in pylint (vtrefny)
- tests: Do not try to import mock and patch from mock (vtrefny)
- Remove util.stringize and unicodeize functions (vtrefny)
- Remove Python SIX usage (vtrefny)
- Remove unused flags and do not read flags from boot command line (vtrefny)

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