FEDORA-2024-a2c6c8afa9 created by stransky 2 months ago for Fedora 39
  • new upstream update (126.0)

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2024-a2c6c8afa9

This update has been submitted for testing by stransky.

2 months ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'waiting'.

2 months ago

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2 months ago
User Icon jonathans provided feedback 2 months ago
User Icon nixuser commented & provided feedback 2 months ago

Working in 39.

Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

This update has been pushed to testing.

2 months ago

This update can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

2 months ago

DNF wants to install 73(!) dependencies on Fedora 39 XFCE: Upgrading: firefox x86_64 126.0-5.fc39 updates-testing 68 M firefox-langpacks x86_64 126.0-5.fc39 updates-testing 46 M Installing dependencies: SDL2 x86_64 2.28.5-1.fc39 updates 692 k cjson x86_64 1.7.17-1.fc39 updates 32 k codec2 x86_64 1.2.0-2.fc39 fedora 638 k fftw-libs-double x86_64 3.3.10-10.fc39 updates 1.2 M flite x86_64 2.2-6.fc39 fedora 13 M freeglut x86_64 3.4.0-7.fc39 updates 154 k game-music-emu x86_64 0.6.3-12.fc39 fedora 156 k ilbc x86_64 3.0.4-7.fc39 fedora 53 k ladspa x86_64 1.13-31.fc39 fedora 48 k leptonica x86_64 1.83.1-2.fc39 fedora 1.1 M libass x86_64 0.17.1-2.fc39 fedora 120 k libavc1394 x86_64 0.5.4-20.fc39 fedora 56 k libavcodec-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 4.1 M libavdevice-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 91 k libavfilter-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 1.5 M libavformat-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 1.1 M libavutil-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 359 k libbs2b x86_64 3.1.0-31.fc39 fedora 28 k libcaca x86_64 0.99-0.69.beta20.fc39 updates 225 k libchromaprint x86_64 1.5.1-13.fc39 fedora 40 k libdc1394 x86_64 2.2.7-3.fc39 fedora 131 k libdecor x86_64 0.2.2-1.fc39 updates 59 k libdovi x86_64 3.2.0-2.fc39 fedora 258 k libiec61883 x86_64 1.2.0-32.fc39 fedora 40 k libldb x86_64 2.8.0-1.fc39 fedora 182 k libmodplug x86_64 1: fedora 176 k libmysofa x86_64 1.2.1-5.fc39 fedora 42 k libopenmpt x86_64 0.7.6-1.fc39 updates 684 k libplacebo x86_64 6.292.1-5.fc39 updates 391 k libpostproc-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 50 k librabbitmq x86_64 0.13.0-3.fc39 fedora 43 k libraw1394 x86_64 2.1.2-18.fc39 fedora 65 k librist x86_64 0.2.7-2.fc39 fedora 77 k libshaderc x86_64 2023.8-1.fc39 updates 1.0 M libsmbclient x86_64 2:4.19.6-1.fc39 updates 77 k libssh x86_64 0.10.6-2.fc39 updates 212 k libssh-config noarch 0.10.6-2.fc39 updates 9.0 k libswresample-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 69 k libswscale-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 192 k libtalloc x86_64 2.4.1-1.fc39 fedora 30 k libtevent x86_64 0.15.0-1.fc39 fedora 45 k libvdpau x86_64 1.5-4.fc39 fedora 16 k libvpl x86_64 1:2.10.2-1.fc39 updates 174 k libwbclient x86_64 2:4.19.6-1.fc39 updates 47 k lmdb-libs x86_64 0.9.32-1.fc39 updates 61 k lpcnetfreedv x86_64 0.5-3.fc39 fedora 7.3 M lv2 x86_64 1.18.8-6.fc39 fedora 105 k mbedtls x86_64 2.28.8-1.fc39 updates 403 k mesa-libGLU x86_64 9.0.3-1.fc39 fedora 160 k ocl-icd x86_64 2.3.2-2.fc39 fedora 67 k openal-soft x86_64 1.23.1-2.fc39 fedora 586 k opencore-amr x86_64 0.1.6-4.fc39 fedora 177 k rubberband x86_64 3.3.0-1.fc39 fedora 396 k samba-client-libs x86_64 2:4.19.6-1.fc39 updates 5.2 M samba-common noarch 2:4.19.6-1.fc39 updates 152 k samba-common-libs x86_64 2:4.19.6-1.fc39 updates 107 k slang x86_64 2.3.3-4.fc39 updates 433 k soxr x86_64 0.1.3-14.fc39 fedora 84 k spirv-tools-libs x86_64 2023.3-3.fc39 updates 1.4 M srt-libs x86_64 1.5.3-1.fc39 fedora 370 k tesseract x86_64 5.3.2-3.fc39 fedora 1.3 M tesseract-langpack-eng noarch 4.1.0-6.fc39 fedora 1.7 M tesseract-tessdata-doc noarch 4.1.0-6.fc39 fedora 13 k vamp-plugin-sdk x86_64 2.9.0-8.fc39 fedora 176 k vapoursynth-libs x86_64 63-2.fc39 fedora 567 k vid.stab x86_64 1.1.1-1.fc39 fedora 49 k vo-amrwbenc x86_64 0.1.3-19.fc39 fedora 80 k xvidcore x86_64 1.3.7-10.fc39 fedora 267 k zimg x86_64 3.0.5-1.fc39 updates 291 k zvbi x86_64 0.2.35-21.fc39 fedora 420 k Installing weak dependencies: ffmpeg-free x86_64 6.1.1-3.fc39 updates 1.8 M intel-mediasdk x86_64 23.2.2-2.fc39 fedora 2.6 M oneVPL-intel-gpu x86_64 24.1.3-1.fc39 updates 2.2 M


This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

2 months ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

2 months ago
User Icon jrsanders commented & provided feedback a month ago

When installing for the stable repo it wants to install a whole load of dependencies as well, see my earlier comment. Same on fc38. I only tested fc39 and 38.

@jrsanders can you try to download the package from koji directly and install it by rpm and check which of there dependencies are from Firefox itself? Looks a bit weird to me, for instance why samba is required?

@stransky Yes, very weird. If I download if from koji directly and use 'rpm -i' command to install it works fine without any additional dependencies. using 'rpm -qpR' also doesn't show samba, tesseract etc. If i use 'dnf localinstall' to install the rpm from koji it does want to install that whole bunch of dependencies.

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