FEDORA-2024-b56d4b65d2 created by jforbes 6 months ago for Fedora 40

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc1.20240124git615d30064886.13.fc40.

* Wed Jan 24 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc1.615d30064886.13]
- CI: include aarch64 in CKI container image gating (Tales Aparecida)
- redhat: spec: Fix update_scripts run for CentOS builds (Neal Gompa)
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc1.615d30064886
* Tue Jan 23 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc1.7ed2632ec7d7.12]
- New configs in drivers/crypto (Fedora Kernel Team)
- net: bump CONFIG_MAX_SKB_FRAGS to 45 (Marcelo Ricardo Leitner)
- Enable CONFIG_MARVELL_88Q2XXX_PHY (Izabela Bakollari)
- Remove CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_STACK file for RHEL (Justin M. Forbes)
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc1.7ed2632ec7d7
* Mon Jan 22 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc1.11]
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc1
* Sun Jan 21 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc0.7a396820222d.10]
- CONFIG_NETFS_SUPPORT should be m after the merge (Justin M. Forbes)
- Turn FSCACHE and NETFS from m to y in pending (Justin M. Forbes)
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc0.7a396820222d
* Fri Jan 19 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc0.9d1694dc91ce.9]
- Turn on CONFIG_TCP_AO for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc0.9d1694dc91ce
* Thu Jan 18 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc0.296455ade1fd.8]
- Turn on IAA_CRYPTO_STATS for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix up manual merge error in security.h (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: new drivers and cleanups (Peter Robinson)
- Turn on Renesas RZ for Fedora IOT rhbz2257913 (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: filter-modules.sh.rhel: add dell-smm-hwmon (Scott Weaver)
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc0.296455ade1fd
* Tue Jan 16 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc0.052d534373b7.7]
- Add CONFIG_INTEL_MEI_GSC_PROXY=m for DRM 9.4 stable backport (Mika Penttilä)
- Set configs for ZRAM_TRACK_ENTRY_ACTIME (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add python3-pyyaml to buildreqs for kernel-docs (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add nb7vpq904m to singlemods for ppc64le (Thorsten Leemhuis)
- include drm bridge helpers in kernel-core package (Thorsten Leemhuis)
- Add dell-smm-hwmon to singlemods (Thorsten Leemhuis)
- Add drm_gem_shmem_test to mod-internal.list (Thorsten Leemhuis)
* Sat Jan 13 2024 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@fedoraproject.org> [6.8.0-0.rc0.052d534373b7.6]
- Linux v6.8.0-0.rc0.052d534373b7

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc1.20240123git7ed2632ec7d7.12.fc40.

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc1.12.fc40.

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc0.20240119git9d1694dc91ce.9.fc40.

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc0.20240118git296455ade1fd.8.fc40.

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc0.20240116git052d534373b7.8.fc40.

Automatic update for kernel-6.8.0-0.rc0.20240113git052d534373b7.6.fc40.

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This update has obsoleted kernel-6.8.0-0.rc1.20240123git7ed2632ec7d7.12.fc40, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

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Still has the GNOME issue.

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