FEDORA-2024-cf17b5c679 created by distrobuildsync-eln/ 4 months ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for stalld-1.19-1.eln135.

* Tue Jan  9 2024 Clark Williams <> - 1.19.1
- clean up Makefile install logic and add .bz2 to .gitignore
- modify Makefiles so install works with relative paths
- rename 'redhat' to 'systemd' and remove redhat packaging logic
- update SPDX tags to non-deprecated values
- stalld: Add -a/--affinity option
- Adding SPDX license info to each file
- man/stalld.8:  change starving threshold to match code
- utils: Fix freeing of invalid pointer
- add bpftool as BuildRequires
* Mon Dec 25 2023 Clark Williams <> - 1.18.1
- queue_track: Use LIBBPF_MAJOR/MINOR_VERSION to detect deprecated functions
- utils: Close file descriptor
- stalld: Fix function name of daemonize()
- docs: Fix typo in the manual
- queue_track: Use bpf_map__resize on older libbpf versions
- utils: Let tgid to arrive at the fill proccess comm
- stalld: Fix log message on idle detection
- stalld: Add -b/--backend option
- stalld: Add queue track eBPF based backend
- stalld: Add fill_process_comm helper
- stalld: Include regex.h on stalld.h
- stalld: Get nr of cpus only once
- stalld: Add the backend abstraction
- sched_debug: Move sched debug functions to an specific file
* Thu Dec 21 2023 Clark Williams <> - 1.17.1
- stalld: Fix memory leak in print_boosted_info()
- utils: Check if the system is in lockdown mode
- stalld: print process comm and cpu when boosting
- stalld: Detect runnable dying tasks
- stalld: Fix nr_periods calculation in do_fifo_boost()
- stalld.conf: Lower threshold to 20
- utils.c: Exit early if enabling HRTICK fails when using SCHED_DEADLINE
- Add support for loongarch

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