zarafa-6.30.14-1.el5 and zarafa-webaccess-6.30.14-1.el5

FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2715 created by robert 13 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Changelog 6.30.14 Final [20002]


  • Fix: Distribution lists don't show in 'contacts' folder in the addressbook nor can they be mailed to.


  • Fix: Hook orphans Broken in 6.30.13. Cannot list orphans.

Changelog 6.30.13 Final [19788]


  • Feature: Add a config option for showing completed tasks
  • Feature: Adding flags to new emails. (on mail in sent items).
  • Fix: Meeting Request: In scheduling tab, user isn't automatically shown as required attendee.
  • Fix: Message sent in the webaccess will give reminder of that message in Outlook.
  • Fix: Stack overflow message in Internet Explorer.
  • Fix: When exceeding soft Quota mail is not sent. Also when under quota again. (Fix new message window not closed when over quota).
  • Fix: Message icon is not automatically updated when you reply/forward a message
  • Fix: Open a attachment in new mail will duplicate it.
  • Fix: Message is not send via webaccess in some cases.
  • Fix: After setting flag and moving to other mail and hit delete will delete the flaged message.
  • Fix: Multi user calendar: first user get duplicated after adding/removing users to the group.
  • Fix: Have option to set calendar lines to 15 minutes i.p.v. 30 minutes.
  • Fix: "cannot open store" Unclear message when being underprivileged.
  • Fix: Propose new time does not remove message from inbox.
  • Fix: Able to access page by number.
  • Fix: When printing Email. Only the contact name is printed not the Email address.
  • Fix: Timezone+Daylight Savings bug; Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Fix: Unable to save an appointment if a false email addres is present in to field.
  • Fix: After saving settings, WA always reloads.
  • Fix: Script error when changing tabs in a meeting request.
  • Fix: Mark task complete does not change the turn-off reminders.
  • Fix: The field chooser up and down buttons do not act like you expect.
  • Fix: Cannot set the start time for a task after the end time.
  • Fix: Top part of the calendar is not visible when modifying dates on email reminders. (Linux)
  • Fix: After dismissing a reminder the first reminder is selected.
  • Fix: Note in webaccess when an attachment you want to upload is already larger than max_upload_size.
  • Fix: In contacts, after selecting adress as default mailing address you can't deselect it.
  • Fix: Typo in meeting request class.
  • Fix: Can not send mail when "Close original message" option is on.
  • Fix: Set property 'PidLidStartRecurrenceTime' for exception MR.
  • Fix: Zero duration appointment is not visible in month , 7week and one day view.
  • Fix: After setting flag and moving to other mail and hit delete will delete the flaged message.
  • Fix: Cannot create new subfolders.
  • Fix: Reply on two emails, will open in the same dialog.


  • Fix: Terminal Server give error on "open shared folders" because of missing delegate stuff in mapisvc)
  • Fix: Segfault caldav gateway 6.30.10 (Rare occasion).
  • Fix: ADS: unable to open any properties for addresslist in the ADS tree
  • Feature: Make zarafa-monitor configurable how often it will check the quota sizes.
  • Fix: PHP may crash in 64bit environments.
  • Fix: Delete folder in thunderbird does not update view.
  • Fix: Caldav: Destructors may not be called correctly.
  • Fix: Caldav: crash while creating new entries in Evolution.
  • Fix: Software may crash when build with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE.
  • Fix: Newmail notification sent on moved item.
  • Fix: Blackberry sending attachments broken since 6.30.5.
  • Fix: Single instance storage not working with LMTP.
  • Fix: Cannot import emails into exchange (if reply to header is added).
  • Fix: zarafa-monitor broken in Single Company mode.
  • Fix: Server Segfault 6.30.10 Ubuntu 8.04 64Bit (rare occasion).
  • Fix: Caldav: Exception Update mr causes duplicate in TB + lightning.

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