FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2740 created by pingou 12 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Version 3.0.0 -- 05th May 2019 - Features added * R2spec can now be called from an external script * Use template via jinja2 to generate the spec files (Based on an idea of Allen S. Rout) * Create the R2rpm script which directly builds the rpm * Add a man page for R2rpm * Add the -p option which enable to build a spec from a package name * Parse the PACKAGES file from the repositories to find the information for the packages * Make the print of the TODO optional in the API * Give the opportunity to use mock to build the RPMs (rpmbuild being the default) * Enable to specify the mock command in the conf file * Enable to change the argument given to rpmbuild via the conf file (to build srpm instead of rpm for example) - Bugs correction * Fix the addition of the R- prefix to the dependencies * Rewrite the reading of the DESCRIPTION file from R * Do not enforce the spec and the source directory, reads the rpmmacros instead Thanks to José Matos for this function * Fix the summary if it ends with a dot "." * Capitalize the summary by default * Change UTF-8 to utf-8 to make emacs happy * Fix the spec file for the dependencies of this new release * Fix some bugs while trying to generate the RPM/SPEC from a tarball

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