FEDORA-EPEL-2010-3206 created by robert 12 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Changelog 6.40.1 Final [21780]


  • Fix: Some emails are broken on the Iphone (via imap).
  • Fix: Zarafa-server segfault in 6.30.12.
  • Fix: Scans mailed directly from the scanner will not show attachment in mac mail email with just a attachment.
  • Fix: Cannot create a non-active user when user license limit is reached.
  • Fix: Zarafa-server segfault 6.40.1 after reload of server.
  • Fix: LDAP plugin leaks memory.
  • Fix: Kerberos patch for 6.40 Fedora compatibility
  • Fix: 32bit services may crash when logfile >2gb


  • Enhancement: Make unread/read time in webaccess configurable.
  • Fix: Clicking on contact in mail will open new mail window but mail cannot be sent.
  • Fix: would like line-wrapping and a vertically growing box for to/cc/bcc fields.
  • Fix: unable to close shared folders.
  • Fix: Switching to scheduling tab and back to appointment tab give organizer functions to attendee.
  • Fix: Switching from scheduling tab to appointment tab in MR will give the organizer attendee functions.
  • Fix: Line-wrapping and a vertically growing box for to/cc/bcc fields.
  • Fix: Large location name will go out of the appointment box.
  • Fix: After setting up "numbers of items to display per page ", the page does not reload automatically.
  • Fix: Resource double booked by dragging in calendar.
  • Fix: HTML is not properly filtered resulting in XSS.
  • Fix: Customers complain that calendar print overview is to small.
  • Fix: Contact treadhold only count users with mail address.
  • Fix: Out Of Office Assistant default message if let blank.
  • Fix: Emails with More than 3 lines of contacts in a field are not shown correctly.
  • Fix: Appointment marked as unread in your calendar, will be not be marked as read after opening them.
  • Fix: Cannot set the start time for a task after the end time.
  • Fix: Note in webaccess when an attachment you want to upload is already larger than max_upload_size.
  • Fix: Add a config option for showing completed tasks.
  • Fix: Adding flags to new emails for sent items.
  • Fix: Cannot print from the new mail dialog.
  • Fix: Folder tree expand is confused.
  • Fix: Cursor does not start on To field when forwarding a message in IE8.
  • Fix: First enter is done twice in Ie8 with auto signature.
  • Fix: Propose new time response message doesn<92>t contain accept/decline button.
  • Fix: Reply/forward should use normalized subject.
  • Fix: If using another language than English, the task percentage sets to "NaN%".
  • Fix: Auto complete/ suggestions go wrong when making meeting requests.
  • Fix: Can add user twice in multi user calendar groups.
  • Fix: Make typing time more user friendly.
  • Fix: If using the French language, menu actions with right click will go out of context.
  • Fix: Meeting request 'don't send a response' option still sends a response.
  • Fix: Column sizes are incorrect.
  • Fix: Sorting via columns in distribution list will duplicate the users.
  • Fix: Response mail does not update the response in appointment if opened by delegate.
  • Fix: Recurrence meeting request shows time of previous changed appointment.
  • Fix: Broken auto-hyper linking in viewing plain text mail.
  • Fix: Scroll week or months in the calendar is annoying.
  • Fix: Broken auto-hyper linking in viewing plain text mail.
  • Fix: Scroll week or months in the calendar is annoying.
  • Fix: Cannot select subject text in reading pane in.
  • Fix: Right click>Choose in Global address book does nothing.
  • Fix: Check name does not resolve contact in a appointment.
  • Fix: View all proposals does not show current time correctly.
  • Fix: Declining occurrence shows time as 'nan'.
  • Fix: Drag and drop contacts from public folder is not a copy.
  • Fix: Propose new time for an occurrence breaks recipients in organizer's meeting item.
  • Fix: Forwarding mails with "MS Words" will shown empty body.
  • Fix: Counter not visible when delegate opens inbox..
  • Fix: After changing in WA cannot accept an occurrence in Outlook.
  • Fix: Suggestion list does not add new emails in history when sending a meeting request.
  • Fix: Unable to edit task inline after adding a task through the quick-add bar.
  • Fix: Selection of email lost after arrival of new mail.
  • Fix: When recurring appointment end time is set to 0:00, start time is changing to 23:30.
  • Fix: Multiple email addresses in 'to field' after deleting MR.
  • Fix: The rules order is not honored.
  • Fix: Modifying contact in WA will reverse the 'file as'
  • Fix: Deleting items takes longer when using the context menu.
  • Fix: Drag and drop mail to favorite folder will make the favorite folder disappear.
  • Fix: Message sent in webaccess will give reminder in Outlook.
  • Fix: Exception on recurring appointment, send meeting request, response not processed.
  • Fix: Cannot open shared store with full name.
  • Fix: Resend and edit already sent emails.
  • Fix: All day event disappeared in day view.
  • Fix: Reply to all an email from Sent Items folder which is sendas another account results in empty To address.
  • Fix: Separator for dates. ". , and -" depending on set language.
  • Fix: Free/busy not updated correctly.
  • Fix: Two recurring whole day occurrences cannot be next to each other.
  • Fix: When using the keyboard arrows to walk through your task the folder list scrollbar will also move.
  • Fix: Deleting a meeting request will not result in question to send cancellation to organizer.
  • Fix: Recurrence is not removed after removing recurrence button.
  • Fix: Possible to duplicate categories in distribution list.
  • Fix: TO field not in print.
  • Fix: Deleting a multiday appointment will disappear completely after a refresh.
  • Fix: Rows change height on overflow.
  • Fix: Organizer wrong in Multi user calendar with Secretary rights.
  • Fix: Possible to propose new time for recurrence MR.
  • Fix: Attachment not opening correctly in WA when it is in an attached email.
  • Fix: Can create meeting request "on behalf of" with read only rights but it is not save to the shared calendar.
  • Fix: Delegates window scroll bar is shown when not needed and to big.
  • Fix: Appointment is shown as MR after sending an empty 'to field'.
  • Fix: Timezone will create a one hour difference if you change appointment to recurring (BRT -3).
  • Fix: Javascript-error when opening a dialog.
  • Fix: Remove pass by reference in for each loop.

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