FEDORA-EPEL-2010-3294 created by robert 12 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Changelog 6.40.2 Final [22452]


  • Improvement: Configurable quotes on the original message in reply and forward.
  • Fix: Issue language files if creating zarafa from source. (result: German, Dutch and french languages do not work)
  • Fix: Unable to open webaccess in IE6 and IE7.
  • Fix: Global address book search gives script error.
  • Fix: Drag and drop of meeting request or response generates new email.
  • Fix: Body broken in reply/forward.
  • Fix: Unable to edit draft.
  • Fix: Propose new time from appointment does not close window but does send response message.
  • Fix: Attendee not saved in meeting request.
  • Fix: Automatically resolve names before sending the meeting request.
  • Fix: Resize appointment by dragging will use a wrong start/end time.
  • Fix: Add config option to disable Public Folder in folderlist.
  • Fix: Shared sub-folders cannot be opened.
  • Fix: Focus on selected email will be lost after sorting.
  • Fix: GMT-X causes due/start a day before set in a task.
  • Fix: Trackingstatus is been updated in the wrong occurence.
  • Fix: Option to create task from mail in contxt menu.
  • Fix: Mmeeting request is shown as conflict when it is not a conflict.
  • Fix: Birthday appointment is not created whennew contact is created.
  • Fix: Script error when clicking on expand folder [+] in create new folder dialogue.
  • Fix: Inlining an image will left a semicolumn behinde.
  • Fix: Calendar week/month view doesnt create new appt on double click.
  • Fix: Cannot send meeting request to groups.
  • Fix: Reminder for all day events is 15 min and not 18 hours.
  • Fix: Zarafa-webaccess pasting from word causes defect.
  • Fix: Send mail button in contact dialogue does not work if contact is made and Full name button is used to fill the full name.
  • Fix: Outlook and webaccess permissions value Secrerary is different.
  • Fix: Dhtml is undefined when opening a dialog.
  • Fix: Accept/view proposal in propose new time message will pop-under the meeting window.
  • Fix: Recurrence parsing wrong when attendee is changed.
  • Fix: After Using Send/receive button the first message is not selectable.
  • Fix: Double click in muc on a day will take date of today.
  • Fix: Reminder will come on old time when appointment is moved.
  • Fix: Cannot use datepicker in task.
  • Fix: Rules creation window in to small on Firefox on Linux desktop.
  • Fix: Task settign start date will change set due date.
  • Fix: Response buttons come on scheduling tab if meeting request is made in shared calendar.
  • Fix: Shared stores missing when updating 6.30.15 to 6.30.16.
  • Fix: Bad HTML style can break on reply.
  • Fix: TO and CC header does not size up to three lines when reply all or pasting at once.


  • Fix: Dagent segfaults when mailing to a group.
  • Fix: Nested groups with openldap are not working for security permissions.
  • Fix: Zarafa-spooler tries to send delayed messages continuously.
  • Fix: Zarafa gateway 6.40.2-22111 Debian 5 x86_64 segfault.
  • Fix: Gateway logging slows performance.
  • Fix: Spooler: crash in spooler while sending exceptions meeting request.
  • Fix: Response meetin request is not updated if message opend on Iphone.
  • Fix: Can not remove orphand stores.
  • Fix: Caldav: Wrong behaviour when moving 1 exception.
  • Fix: Creating Item in evolution will directly result in unknown error.
  • Fix: Caldav: Sending meet request external -> error in the log.
  • Fix: Caldav: Traceback during importing via curl.
  • Fix: libicalmapi has some memleaks in freebusy code.
  • Fix: Attachment missing when receiving email in outlook.
  • Fix: Multiserver does not work correctly when character case does not match.
  • Fix: Dagent: ICS without summary tag results in email without subject.
  • Fix: Zarafa Gateway won't stop after SIGTERM "Waiting for # processes to exit".
  • Fix: Zarafa-contact objectclass contains uidNumber as required attribute, but many customers use another unique user attribute.
  • Fix: PHP linking patch for 6.40 Fedora compatibility.
  • Fix: Z-Push: ICS misbehaves when saving conflicting appointment.
  • Fix: Possible crash in the zarafa-server.
  • Fix: Upgrading ADS plugin will not overwrite ZarafaADS.dll.
  • Fix: Restoring PT_UNICODE properties causes bad memory write.
  • Fix: Ldap_server_address_attribute is set wrong in default config.
  • Fix: Gateway returns conversion errors.
  • Fix: Attachment data can be placed in the ECMemTable.
  • Fix: Segfault Indexer 6.40.1.
  • Fix: not working for ubuntu 10.04.
  • Fix: Caldav does not work with Thunderbird 2. and lighting 0.9.
  • Fix: Apache segfaults when passing limit 0 to mapi_table_queryrows.
  • Fix: Segfault in php mapi_zarafa_setuser call.
  • Fix: Gateway segfault and using a lot of memory..

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