FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3355 created by nb 12 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6
  • Added --debugLIST to track messages list uid or number only.
  • Bugfix: a lack of variable initialisation caused to fetch no existing messages.
  • The APPEND error then the FETCH 0 byte error may be fixed now.
  • relogin1 before each folder select.
  • --splitX are set into sub login_imap() now.
  • Added --relogin1 option (--relogin1 5) to force a reconnection when FETCH message fails on host1.
  • Added --debugcontent to avoid debugging content (can be big) with --debug option.
  • Added --debugflags to permit flag debugging only.
  • Added --flagsCase to correct flag case that are not RFC compliant \SEEN -> \Seen (on by default).
  • Added output to track 0 byte messages during the fetch on host1.
  • Bugfix. --proxyauth2 was setting proxyauth1!
  • Thanks to Denis BREAN!
  • MDaemon 12
  • Exchange 6.5 host1
  • Bugfix. Modified create_folder() to avoid Inbox -> INBOX problem ("already exists").
  • Bugfix. --maxsize --minsize now work with --useuid
  • Bugfix. flag sync of already transfered messages now take care of --maxsize --minsize options.
  • --delete2 implies --expunge2 now unless --noexpunge2 is given.
  • exit if --delete and --delete2 are given together.
  • Same behavior for --expunge or --expunge1.
  • Added 0 length message tracking when fetching host1.

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12 years ago

you blink, and 1.434 is released

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12 years ago

Yeah, I have built 1.434 but I figured I'd go ahead and wait out the 2 weeks to push 1.422 to stable before I push 1.434 and restart the clock.

Which actually 1.446 is out now and I'm building it tonight

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12 years ago

This update has been submitted for stable by nb.

12 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable

12 years ago
User Icon cyberpear commented & provided feedback 12 years ago

worksforme (though I see it already went stable)

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