FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3432 created by iarnell 9 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6

This update includes numerous bugfixes and enhancements.

0.22: * Fix ccache support on Linux with bash * install command no longer clobbers existing installations * New commands: uninstall, alias, self-upgrade * See more detail in http://perlbrew.pl/Release-0.22.html

0.21: * Let version numbers alone mean installation names. For example, 5.12.3 means perl-5.12.3 * Fixed perlbrew install <URL> that might install to a wrong path * Fixed the --as option * Improve perlbrew list command output * Improve perlbrew install command. Now it takes a local .tar.gz filename * See more detail in http://perlbrew.pl/Release-0.21.html

0.20: * stop when user specified an invalid perl version that cannot be found on cpan * specialized version installation: perlbrew install perl-blead / <URL> * fix perlbrew install /path/to/git/src/dir * See more detail in http://www.perlbrew.pl/Release-0.20.html

0.19: * Auto run 'perlbrew init' after an install (or upgrade) * Symlink dev versions of executables. For example,'perl5.13.11' to 'perl', 'prove5.13.11' to 'prove' * Automatically apply patches necessary to make older perls build again on modern platforms with the help of Devel::PatchPerl. * A command perlbrew available to list recently available perls to build

0.18: * Fixed an issue when bash set noclobber option, which breaks the creation of ~/.perlbrew/init. * A simple perlbrew clean command to clean build dir * Delegate -j arg value to make test_harness * $HOME is replaced with "~" in many messages

0.17: * Fix perlbrew use to work even if we are switched to a specific version * Fix perlbrew env to use current version, sets PERLBREW_PERL and proper PATH * Feature: perlbrew use shows current version in use * Feature: perlbrew switch /path/to/special/perl name-of-special-perl names for adhoc perl's

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