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PHPUnit 3.7.22: * Fixed #948: Do not die on binary output with JSON logging. * Implemented a workaround for PHP bug #63055. * It is now possible to use generators as data providers.

PHPUnit 3.7.21: * Fixed #277: Account for auto-globals-jit when setting $_ENV and $_SERVER variables in the xml config. * Fixed #924: PHPUnit depends on packages that broke backwards compatibility.

PHPUnit 3.7.20: * Fixed #883: Stand-alone functions logicalAnd(), logicalOr(), and logicalXor() did not work. * Fixed #889: Suppress open_basedir warnings while searching for the composer autoloader. * Fixed #890: Correctly parse single-line @expectedException annotations. * Fixed #891: Better messages when JSON-related assertions receive invalid JSON. * Fixed #896: Use the proper toString() method inside PHPUnit_Framework_TestFailure::toString(). * Fixed #902: Allow symfony/yaml >=2.0,<3.0 * Fixed #908: Don't rely on composer to set up the include_path for ErrorHandler.php.

FinderFacade 1.1.0: * Added support for Symfony Finder's notName() method.

PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2.12: * Fixed #173: JavaScript error in the HTML report. * Fixing an issue where an anonymous function as the last "method" in a class would cause the coverage report to ignore the rest.

PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2.11: * Fixed #151: Blacklisted PHPUnit Phar. * Fixed sebastianbergmann/phpunit#924.

PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2.10: * Fixed #158: Executable code on a line that has a comment is processed incorrectly. * Eliminated the coupling to PHPUnit_Util_Printer in PHP_CodeCoverage_Report_Text.

PHPUnit_Selenium 1.3.1: * setupPage() method that can be defined to be executed after the session is opened but before tests start * Docblocks work now in Eclipse PDT

PHPUnit_Selenium 1.3.0: * BC break: setBrowserUrl() argument is not loaded at the start of a test * waitUntil() now works nicely with implicitWait() * keysHolder() is deprecated, use keys() instead * More complete frame() supportk * Research of elements inside other element objects with by*() methods * Supporting Selenium 2.32.0 * Element names are always lowercase for consistency * Pause support for runSelenese() HTML cases

PHPUnit_SkeletonGenerator 1.2.1: * Fixed #14: RuntimeException was looked up in the wrong namespace.

Version 1.0.1: * Fixed #2: getVersion() fails on Windows.

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