php53-mapi-7.1.8-1.el5 and zarafa-7.1.8-1.el5

FEDORA-EPEL-2014-0410 created by robert 9 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.8 final [43801]


  • ZCP-7137: Several comments in default config files are incorrect
  • ZCP-11974: ARM build compatibility with GCC > 4.4.4 patch
  • ZCP-11973: Enhance logging of zarafa-dagent to display the same amount of information as zarafa-spooler
  • ZCP-11972: Enhance IMAP messages log level prios
  • ZCP-11746: ICalToMAPI.cpp missing break in switch icalerrno
  • ZCP-11504: python-mapi doc has outdated info on charsets
  • ZCP-11924: userscripts in Debian/Ubuntu do not include /etc/default/zarafa
  • ZCP-11923: Double colons in Disposition-Notification-To: crash dagent
  • ZCP-11922: support reading of S/MIME messages
  • ZCP-11921: Priority is not set in received mail
  • ZCP-11918: Make zarafa-stats faster on heavy loaded system
  • ZCP-11890: Segfault Zarafa-Server 7.1.8
  • ZCP-11883: zarafa-fsck crash when no first/lastname present, but suffix present which is longer than fullname!
  • ZCP-11881: Add public restore bash script
  • ZCP-11867: read flag not honored when specific header is used when delivering with dagent
  • ZCP-10508: reference in the server.cfg to the example configs is incorrect
  • ZCP-10777: No error given when hooking an orphan to another server
  • ZCP-11135: Make the output of zarafa-stats machine-readable
  • ZCP-11186: Bricklevel backup should not refer to archive server or state
  • ZCP-11287: unclear error messages if multiserver setup is incorrect
  • ZCP-11536: zarafa-stats --users cuts off the year in date
  • ZCP-11538: Licensed crash during restart with 7.1.4
  • ZCP-11619: Check if zarafa-ads plugin/schemas are utf8 aware
  • ZCP-11696: Create coredump_enabled feature in all services (other than zarafa-server) as well
  • ZCP-11758: message-in-message has empty filename parameter in content-type header
  • ZCP-11790: Make uuencoded plugin for the dagent
  • ZCP-11799: Dagent plugin to censor specific words in emails
  • ZCP-11802: Remove C-style macro DEFINEMAPIPTR from common/mapi_ptr/mapi_object_ptr.h
  • ZCP-11819: zarafa-search crashes when the server is shutting down
  • ZCP-11829: Spelling errors in log formatting
  • ZCP-11832: zarafa-server segfaults on login by script run on zarafa http port
  • ZCP-11851: Broken rpm packages when upgrading from 7.0 to 7.1
  • ZCP-11855: zarafa-gateway is unable to create RTF text stream
  • ZCP-11807: gateway segfault on pop3 access 7.1.6/7.1.7
  • ZCP-11535: zarafa-search is unable to index specific pdf files


  • ZCP-11059: Zarafa-archiver throws error with empty premade database
  • ZCP-11808: zarafa-admin --unhook --type archive does not work.

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9 years ago

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9 years ago

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BZ#1056767 CVE-2014-0037 zarafa: unauthenticated denial of service flaw
BZ#1059903 CVE-2014-0079 zarafa: unauthenticated denial of service flaw

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