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5.3.0 - 2015-05-19

  • Mock now supports save_to
  • Marked AbstractRequestEvent::getTransaction() as public.
  • Fixed a bug in which multiple headers using different casing would overwrite previous headers in the associative array.
  • Added Utils::getDefaultHandler()
  • Marked GuzzleHttp\Client::getDefaultUserAgent as deprecated.
  • URL scheme is now always lowercased.

5.2.0 - 2015-01-27

  • Added AppliesHeadersInterface to make applying headers to a request based on the body more generic and not specific to PostBodyInterface.
  • Reduced the number of stack frames needed to send requests.
  • Nested futures are now resolved in the client rather than the RequestFsm
  • Finishing state transitions is now handled in the RequestFsm rather than the RingBridge.
  • Added a guard in the Pool class to not use recursion for request retries.

5.1.0 - 2014-12-19

  • Pool class no longer uses recursion when a request is intercepted.
  • The size of a Pool can now be dynamically adjusted using a callback. See
  • Setting a request option to null when creating a request with a client will ensure that the option is not set. This allows you to overwrite default request options on a per-request basis. See
  • Added the ability to limit which protocols are allowed for redirects by specifying a protocols array in the allow_redirects request option.
  • Nested futures due to retries are now resolved when waiting for synchronous responses. See
  • "0" is now an allowed URI path. See
  • Query no longer typehints on the $query argument in the constructor, allowing for strings and arrays.
  • Exceptions thrown in the end event are now correctly wrapped with Guzzle specific exceptions if necessary.

5.0.3 - 2014-11-03

This change updates query strings so that they are treated as un-encoded values by default where the value represents an un-encoded value to send over the wire. A Query object then encodes the value before sending over the wire. This means that even value query string values (e.g., ":") are url encoded. This makes the Query class match PHP's http_build_query function. However, if you want to send requests over the wire using valid query string characters that do not need to be encoded, then you can provide a string to Url::setQuery() and pass true as the second argument to specify that the query string is a raw string that should not be parsed or encoded (unless a call to getQuery() is subsequently made, forcing the query-string to be converted into a Query object).

5.0.2 - 2014-10-30

  • Added a trailing to multipart/form-data payloads. See
  • Added a GuzzleHttp\Pool::send() convenience method to match the docs.
  • Status codes are now returned as integers. See
  • No longer overwriting an existing application/x-www-form-urlencoded header when sending POST requests, allowing for customized headers. See
  • Improved path URL serialization.
  • No longer double percent-encoding characters in the path or query string if they are already encoded.
  • Now properly encoding the supplied path to a URL object, instead of only encoding ' ' and '?'.
  • Note: This has been changed in 5.0.3 to now encode query string values by default unless the rawString argument is provided when setting the query string on a URL: Now allowing many more characters to be present in the query string without being percent encoded. See

5.0.1 - 2014-10-16

Bugfix release.

  • Fixed an issue where connection errors still returned response object in error and end events event though the response is unusable. This has been corrected so that a response is not returned in the getResponse method of these events if the response did not complete.
  • Fixed an issue where transfer statistics were not being populated in the RingBridge.

5.0.0 - 2014-10-12

Adding support for non-blocking responses and some minor API cleanup.

New Features

  • Added support for non-blocking responses based on guzzlehttp/guzzle-ring.
  • Added a public API for creating a default HTTP adapter.
  • Updated the redirect plugin to be non-blocking so that redirects are sent concurrently. Other plugins like this can now be updated to be non-blocking.
  • Added a "progress" event so that you can get upload and download progress events.
  • Added GuzzleHttp\Pool which implements FutureInterface and transfers requests concurrently using a capped pool size as efficiently as possible.
  • Added hasListeners() to EmitterInterface.
  • Removed GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface::sendAll and marked GuzzleHttp\Client::sendAll as deprecated (it's still there, just not the recommended way).

Breaking changes

The breaking changes in this release are relatively minor. The biggest thing to look out for is that request and response objects no longer implement fluent interfaces.

  • Removed the fluent interfaces (i.e., return $this) from requests, responses, GuzzleHttp\Collection, GuzzleHttp\Url, GuzzleHttp\Query, GuzzleHttp\Post\PostBody, and GuzzleHttp\Cookie\SetCookie. This blog post provides a good outline of why I did this: This also makes the Guzzle message interfaces compatible with the current PSR-7 message proposal.
  • Removed "functions.php", so that Guzzle is truly PSR-4 compliant. Except for the HTTP request functions from function.php, these functions are now implemented in GuzzleHttp\Utils using camelCase. GuzzleHttp\json_decode moved to GuzzleHttp\Utils::jsonDecode. GuzzleHttp\get_path moved to GuzzleHttp\Utils::getPath. GuzzleHttp\set_path moved to GuzzleHttp\Utils::setPath. GuzzleHttpBatch should now be GuzzleHttp\Pool::batch, which returns an objectStorage. Using functions.php caused problems for many users: they aren't PSR-4 compliant, require an explicit include, and needed an if-guard to ensure that the functions are not declared multiple times.
  • Rewrote adapter layer.
    • Removing all classes from GuzzleHttp\Adapter, these are now implemented as callables that are stored in GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client.
    • Removed the concept of "parallel adapters". Sending requests serially or concurrently is now handled using a single adapter.
    • Moved GuzzleHttp\Adapter\Transaction to GuzzleHttp\Transaction. The Transaction object now exposes the request, response, and client as public properties. The getters and setters have been removed.
  • Removed the "headers" event. This event was only useful for changing the body a response once the headers of the response were known. You can implement a similar behavior in a number of ways. One example might be to use a FnStream that has access to the transaction being sent. For example, when the first byte is written, you could check if the response headers match your expectations, and if so, change the actual stream body that is being written to.
  • Removed the asArray parameter from GuzzleHttp\Message\MessageInterface::getHeader. If you want to get a header value as an array, then use the newly added getHeaderAsArray() method of MessageInterface. This change makes the Guzzle interfaces compatible with the PSR-7 interfaces.
  • GuzzleHttp\Message\MessageFactory no longer allows subclasses to add custom request options using double-dispatch (this was an implementation detail). Instead, you should now provide an associative array to the constructor which is a mapping of the request option name mapping to a function that applies the option value to a request.
  • Removed the concept of "throwImmediately" from exceptions and error events. This control mechanism was used to stop a transfer of concurrent requests from completing. This can now be handled by throwing the exception or by cancelling a pool of requests or each outstanding future request individually.
  • Updated to "GuzzleHttp\Streams" 3.0.
    • GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface::getContents() no longer accepts a maxLen parameter. This update makes the Guzzle streams project compatible with the current PSR-7 proposal.
    • GuzzleHttp\Stream\Stream::__construct, GuzzleHttp\Stream\Stream::factory, and GuzzleHttp\Stream\Utils::create no longer accept a size in the second argument. They now accept an associative array of options, including the "size" key and "metadata" key which can be used to provide custom metadata.

4.2.2 - 2014-09-08

  • Fixed a memory leak in the CurlAdapter when reusing cURL handles.
  • No longer using request_fulluri in stream adapter proxies.
  • Relative redirects are now based on the last response, not the first response.

4.2.1 - 2014-08-19

  • Ensuring that the StreamAdapter does not always add a Content-Type header
  • Adding automated github releases with a phar and zip

4.2.0 - 2014-08-17

  • Now merging in default options using a case-insensitive comparison. Closes
  • Added the ability to automatically decode Content-Encoding response bodies using the decode_content request option. This is set to true by default to decode the response body if it comes over the wire with a Content-Encoding. Set this value to false to disable decoding the response content, and pass a string to provide a request Accept-Encoding header and turn on automatic response decoding. This feature now allows you to pass an Accept-Encoding header in the headers of a request but still disable automatic response decoding. Closes
  • Added the ability to throw an exception immediately when transferring requests in parallel. Closes
  • Updating guzzlehttp/streams dependency to ~2.1
  • No longer utilizing the now deprecated namespaced methods from the stream package.

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