Fixes several regressions around the default_country widget setting, introduced in 1.0. Updates the address formats for Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary.

Changes since 7.x-1.0:

  • Make it possible for the default_country to be the site default again.
  • Issue #2415627: Empty default_country causes issues when the field is required
  • Issue #2412989: Country default value lost when upgrading
  • Issue #2454591: Update autocomplete attributes for latest standard
  • Issue #2453483 by das-peter: Set sensible maxlength values for form elements
  • Issue #2436687 by Georgique: KZ administrative area should be rendered
  • Issue #2469439: Postal code should be required in hungary
  • Issue #2438819 by gcb: _addressfield_devel_generate contains invalid call to addressfield_default_values
  • Issue #2415833 by sin: Render the administrative area value for Russia


Make sure to also update Commerce to 1.11, previous versions result in a broken address form on the order add/edit screen.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc1:

  • Issue #2398697 by Georgique: Add administrative areas for Kazakhstan
  • Update the render_administrative_area_value value in address formats with data derived from Google's dataset.
  • Issue #2401865: Allow address formats to specify whether the administrative area value is rendered instead of the code
  • Issue #1218304: Make the postal code field optional for China
  • Issue #2396975: Add an option for allowing incomplete data to be saved
  • Add administrative areas for Estonia.
  • Improve the address formats for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania:
  • Issue #2397835 by GoZ: Add Ukraine to addressfield_get_administrative_areas()
  • Issue #2401783 by Georgique: Kazakhstan address format
  • Issue #2397865 by GoZ: Add administrative areas for Taiwan
  • Reorder UAE administrative areas, based on Google's dataset update.
  • Issue #2395119 by roborat, bojanz: dependent_locality missing from views field
  • Issue #2394197 by aitala, bojanz: Descriptions appearing twice
  • Issue #2392855: Provide a hook for altering address defaults
  • Issue #1441514 by jnicola: Support Countries module for populating the country drop-down menu
  • Issue #2392863: Remove the default values instance setting, introduce a default country instance setting

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