security update in Fedora EPEL 7 for nx-libs

Status: obsolete

Update to nx-libs

  • Proper integration of all patches in the source tarballs. Bugs in the tarball generation script and patch file names prohibited inclusion of many patches previously, including security fixes.
  • Better support for debug (DEBUG, TEST, TRACE and other directives) builds, in part thanks to Nito Martinez.
  • Build fixes due to underlinking of libdl thanks to Bernard Cafarelli.
  • Retroactively document correct GPLv2 licensing of previously potentially offending DXPC code.
  • Help text fixups.
  • Restart reading if interrupted, gets rid of "Negotiation in stage 10" errors thanks to Vadim Troshchinskiy.
  • A dozen X.Org Server fixes backported by Ulrich Sibiller.

The X2Go Project thanks Bernard Cafarelli, Nito Martinez (Qindel Group), Vadim Troshchinskiy (Qindel Group) and Ulrich Sibiller for their contributions.

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