FEDORA-EPEL-2016-13f39d7af6 created by orion 7 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6

Update to GMT 4.5.15:

  • gmt_map.c : Did not compute correct length of clip path for azimuth-elevation projection.
  • pscontour.c : Would crash if no contours were requested.
  • grdtrack.c : The -Z option did not deactivate -: for output.
  • surface.c : Critical bug in which the test to determine if a Cartesian data point is “close” to a node would find most points to be close and bypass the Briggs scheme.
  • mgd77/mgd77list.c : Can only use logical field tests on observed data columns. sph/sphinterpolate.c : Fix the vertical flipping under -Q0 mode.
  • gmt_plot.c : Fix issue # 662 with graph arrows for negative scales. Flipping the n/s sides array when lon and -y axes fixes issue #520.
  • gmt_support.c : Fix bug in jump near Dateline in gmt_inonout_sphpol_count, affecting inside/outside spherical cases, reported in message-2219. meca/psmeca.c : Was unable to read any value x and y coordinates. share/cpt/GMT_wysiwyg.cpt : Fix typo in blue for high end [Issue #689].
  • gmt_bcr.c : Fixed problem with points slightly outside region causing an access violation; see issue #620.
  • gmt_map.c : The map region clip path for -JE/-Je was hardwired to a full circle and did not care about -R setting. When -R...r and -JE/-Je was given the search for enclosing geographic boundaries failed when either the S or N pole was the projection’s antipole. Rect clipping with -Rw/s/e/nr could introduce stray lines when dataset has features about 180 degrees away from the user’s area. Could run into trouble clipping polygons for non-periodic maps. Added more checks in GMT_wesn_clip.
  • gmt_plot.c : Left a PSL variable undefined when grdimage plotted a grid with x = longitude and y = Cartesian.
  • gmtmath.c : Fix the order of when input files and -C interact.
  • gmtselect.c : The -Fpolygon option might miss points because the io-machinery would sometimes set the min/max longitudes found incorrectly. The -Z option needed to pass records with NaNs.
  • grdfilter.c : Fix y-shifts when -I sets smaller output spacing (issue #616).
  • grdmath.c : Fix bug in grdmath’s KM2DEG operator.
  • psxy.c : Fixed wrap-around issue in fault lines.
  • psxyz.c : Fixed wrap-around issue in fault lines.
  • sample1d.c : Fix resampling for decreasing t values.
  • mgd77/mgd77sniffer.c : Needed to check that grid values used in decimate function also were within reasonable range.
  • x2sys/x2sys_solve.c : Fix problems that arise when a track has less crossovers than model parameters.
  • gmt_grdio.c : When building the grid command string it could exceed its maximum length if the argument became exactly the max length of the array; then the final extra zero character would be added and exceed array length. This was a rare occurrence. Thanks to Joachim Saul for pointing it out.
  • gmt_map.c : Protect against longitude wrap in the Haversine and Rudoe formulae for distances. Prevent integer overflow when calculating image array size.
  • gmt_plot.c : Grid crosses clipped by map boundary were badly reoriented.
  • gmt_proj.c : GMT_eckert4 and GMT_eckert6 did not increment iteration counter and could in rare situations get stuck in an infinite loop.
  • gmt_support.c : Allow GMT_crossover to deal with global wrapped data.
  • gmt_vector.c : Add protection against introduced longitude-jumps produced by resampling in GMT_fix_up_path.
  • grdlandmask.c : Failed to fill in some partial bins with no actual coastlines going through, in particular when crossing Greenwich.
  • grdmath.c : Operator SDIST used spherical calculations for geodesics and ellipsoidal calculations great circles (we want the opposite). Now returning distances in km.
  • grdvector.c : The new testing of -I arguments failed for some grids. Vector direction did not adjust when negative scales were used in -JX or -Jx.
  • ps2raster.c : Did not check if source and destination given to strcpy were the same; this was always undefined behavior that now triggers an exit. Also added better check on the return code from the system calls in case gs or gdal_translate return with an error. Finally, make sure that image references in KML files do not carry a directory name.
  • pscoast.c : The processing of -I and -N levels and pens could get out of sync so that the wrong pen was used for the specified feature.
  • pslib.c : Take superscripts and subscripts into account when determining dimensions of text box. Also auto-widen paragraph width if the widest word actually is wider that chosen paragraph width.
  • psxy.c : Vector direction did not adjust when negative scales were used in -JX or -Jx.
  • psxyz.c : Vector direction did not adjust when negative scales were used in -JX or -Jx.
  • mgd77/mgd77header.c : Fix selection of 10x10 degree identifiers. misc/gmt2kml.c : Make sure the default style IDs are unique for each process. x2sys/x2sys.c : Mishandled the assignment of segment number for each record.

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