FEDORA-EPEL-2016-15a35fe11e created by siwinski 7 years ago for Fedora EPEL 7


  • 842: Fixed incorrect handling of single quotes in SQL-Strings
  • 856: MySQL getListTableForeignKeysSQL: use current database if null passed
  • 861: Check for foreign table name on removed tables foreign key
  • 862: Quote table and constraint names in drop foreign key / drop constraint SQL
  • 863: Strip leading slash of databasename from URL
  • 925: Fixing the command when option is CURRENT_SCHEMA
  • 1054: DBAL-1114: Problem with drop database on PostgreSQL
  • 1106: DBAL-1164: Creating SQLite Connections via a URL Does Not Work
  • 1151: DBAL-1205: getPlaceholderPositions finds placeholders which are actually no placeholder if string contains single quotes
  • 1183: DBAL-1234: Additional slash in dbname when providing settings as URL without scheme
  • 2182: DBAL-939: schema update doesnt detect boolean type correctly
  • 2261: OCI8 - bindValue overwrite previous values
  • 2262: Issue #2261 - OCI8 Driver PHP 7 - Fix bindValue overwriting other params.
  • 2267: Pass "path" to pdo-sqlite drivers from DriverManager instead of "dbname"
  • 2270: SqlitePlatform does not escape table name on truncate
  • 2275: Quote reserved keywords in TRUNCATE TABLE SQL
  • 2277: [DBAL-939] Fix reverse engineering boolean type columns on DB2
  • 2279: Stop using template1 as default database for postgres drivers
  • 2286: Fix list foreign keys SQL database parameter evaluation
  • 2287: Fix parsing schemeless connection URLs
  • 2288: Preserve quotation of old column name in ColumnDiff
  • 2291: The QueryBuilder::getSQLForSelect() always appends a FROM clause for select queries
  • 2292: Do not generate FROM clause in QueryBuilder if no tables specified
  • 2302: when use \Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Comparator to compare two table schema, has a problem
  • 2303: Fix another primary key alteration with autoincrement column case on MySQL
  • 2310: [DB2] Move row number to the end of the field list in query limit/offset modification
  • 2318: [Oracle] Fix list table columns when using external or OS authentication with Oracle
  • 2384: Fluent methods in QueryBuilder are now documented as returning $this
  • 2386: Fix oci driver bindValue overwrite with php7
  • 2390: Catch Throwable in Connection::transactional()
  • 2403: fix grammar in DBALException messages
  • 2428: Modify Limit Query on SQLServer2012 with newline before ORDER BY
  • 2434: Keep references to bound parameter values in oci8 driver
  • 2436: MySqlPlatform::getListTableColumnsSQL() is not escaping names
  • 2440: No parameters passed to logger when executing statement using bindParam
  • 2442: Escape identifiers in metadata SQL properly when used as string literal
  • 2443: Track the Values & Types Passed to Statement::bindParam
  • 2484: Allow usage of symfony/console ^3.0 in dev dependencies
  • 2497: ResultStatement::fetch() returns null instead of false with mysqli
  • 2500: Making sure that fetch returns false if nothing is found

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This update has been submitted for stable by siwinski.

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