FEDORA-EPEL-2016-19a4b6de30 created by ellert 4 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6

Release Notes

Version 4.4.0

New Features

  • [Server] Add new [no]rpipa option to xrd.network directive.
  • [Server] Allow objectid's to be specified in the authorization file.
  • [Server] Add new logging plugin interface.
  • [Server] Fixes #345 - add sid to TOD structure (ABI compliant).
  • [Server] Implement resource selection affinity (primarily for ssi).
  • [XrdCl] Add Metalink support (xrdcp & API).
  • [XrdCl] Enable metalink processing on default.
  • [XrdCl] xrdcp: use cks.type cgi tag to select the checksum type.
  • [XrdCl] Support local metalink files.
  • [XrdCl] Add support for GLFN redirector of last resort.
  • [XrdCeph] Implemented pools of ceph objects.

Major bug fixes

  • [Posix] Remove double unlock of a mutex.
  • [Client] Serialize security protocol manager to allow MT loads.
  • [Authentication/sss] Fix dynamic id incompatability introduced in 4.0.
  • [XtdHttp] Removed the deprecated cipher SSLv3, in favor of TLS1.2
  • [XrdCl] Close file on open timeout.
  • [XrdCl] Differentiate between a handshake and an xrootd request/response while processing an incoming/outgoing message.
  • [XrdCl] Fix dangling pointer issue that occurs while forking.
  • [XrdCl] Ensure DefaultEnv is finalized after last use of the object.

Minor bug fixes

  • [Proxy] Avoid SEGV when printing memory cache statistics.
  • [Server] Avoid XrdNetIF static initialization issues.
  • [Server] Honor DFS setting when forwarding operations.
  • [Server] Make sure lockfile time is updated in deprecated runmodeold.
  • [Server] Fixes #344 - squash path before checking for static redirect.
  • [Server] Free Entity before replacing it from the cache (memleak).
  • [XrdCl] xrdfs ls does not include opaque info in a listing.
  • [XrdCl] Eliminate unnecessary write notifications.
  • [XrdCl] Forward xrd.* parameters from the original to the redirection URL.
  • [XrdCl] Do not preset CWD in batch mode.
  • [XrdCl] Be complaint with file URI scheme.
  • [XrdCl] Fix wrong query string used for opaquefile code.
  • [XrdCl] Translate XRootD error code to errno before passing to strerror.
  • [XrdCeph] Fixed thread safety of filedescriptors in the ceph plugin.
  • [XrdCeph] Protected initialization of ioCtx object and striper objects by mutex in the ceph plugin.
  • [XrdCeph] Fixed memory corruption in asynchronous read from ceph.
  • [XrdXml] Make sure c-string buffes are properly terminated.
  • [XtdHttp] Don't trim printable characters.


  • [XrdCl] Change the way handlers and messages are matched (use maps).
  • [Apps] Add xrdacctest to the tools set to test access control databases.
  • [Packaging/RPM] Set max open files limit to 65k for systemd services.

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