security update in Fedora EPEL 6 for php-PHPMailer

Status: obsolete

Version 5.2.21 (December 28th 2016)

  • Fix missed number update in version file - no functional changes

Version 5.2.20 (December 28th 2016)

  • SECURITY Critical security update for CVE-2016-10045 please update now! Thanks to Dawid Golunski and Paul Buonopane (Zenexer).

Version 5.2.19 (December 26th 2016)

  • Minor cleanup

Version 5.2.18 (December 24th 2016)

  • SECURITY Critical security update for CVE-2016-10033 please update now! Thanks to Dawid Golunski.
  • Add ability to extract the SMTP transaction ID from some common SMTP success messages
  • Minor documentation tweaks

Version 5.2.17 (December 9th 2016)

  • This is officially the last feature release of 5.2. Security fixes only from now on; use PHPMailer 6.0!
  • Allow DKIM private key to be provided as a string
  • Provide mechanism to allow overriding of boundary and message ID creation
  • Improve Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian, and German translations
  • PHP 7.1 support for Travis-CI
  • Fix some language codes
  • Add security notices
  • Improve DKIM compatibility in older PHP versions
  • Improve trapping and capture of SMTP connection errors
  • Improve passthrough of error levels for debug output
  • PHPDoc cleanup

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This update has been submitted for testing by remi.

This update has obsoleted php-PHPMailer-5.2.19-1.el6, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

This update has been pushed to testing.

remi edited this update.

This update has been obsoleted by php-PHPMailer-5.2.22-1.el6.

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