FEDORA-EPEL-2016-458a89aeba created by dfateyev 6 years ago for Fedora EPEL 7

1.24 2016-03-14

  • fixed bug where recsep() was producing uninit warnings if the file we're looking for an rs in was empty (ie. "-z $fh" is true) (closes #35)
  • added new test file t/18-bug.t
  • cleaned up a few Critic issues

1.23 2016-03-10

  • no code changes
  • critic.t now only runs with AUTHOR_TESTING env var set
  • corrected a couple of other tests that were failing on CPAN testers

1.22 2016-03-07

  • last two releases have focused primarily on reliability and far more enhanced unit testing, with a couple new features
  • recsep() and platform_recsep() can now be imported into the local namespace (non-OO) (closes #23)
  • cleaned up return structure for recsep types (closes #29)
  • renamed _open() to _binmode_handle()
  • cleanup and tidy of all test files
  • cleanup of numerous unnecessary prereqs in Makefile.PL
  • write() now uses the correct recsep for a file if multiple read()s are concurrently open (fixes #30)
  • catch warning and die if write() is called with the 'contents' param set to a previously closed file handle (closes #31)
  • read() now simply overwrites it's data for a file if it has been read more than once prior to a write() (closes #32)
  • added t/000-critic.t (closes #33)
  • fixed minor issues to satisfy critic tests

1.21 2016-03-07

  • write() now dies if not called with the 'file' param and more than one file is currently open with read() (fixes #21)
  • write functions for regex and hex (closes #25)
  • added _convert_recsep(), which consolidates repetitive code (#25)
  • added 'type' param to recsep() and platform_recsep(), returns the type of line ending (win, nix, mac, etc) (#25)
  • added _recsep_regex(), returns the regex instead of having it peppered throughout the code (#25)
  • added _platform_replace(), replaces file's line endings to platform recsep (de-duplicates code)
  • added _strip_ends(), removes all line endings from file (also to de-dup code)
  • remove all requirements/uses of File::Spec::Function (closes #27)
  • implemented recsep caching (#22), but after benchmarks, it performed worse than no cache, so backed it all out
  • added/updated numerous tests for recsep() and platform_recsep() due to new 'type' param (closes #26)
  • update/add other new tests, and small POD fixes/updates

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