Using this library it is possible to statically reflect one or more files and create an object graph representing your application's structure, including accompanying in-source documentation using DocBlocks.

The information that this library provides is similar to what the (built-in) Reflection extension of PHP provides; there are however several advantages to using this library:

  • Due to its Static nature it does not execute procedural code in your reflected files where Dynamic Reflection does.
  • Because the none of the code is interpreted by PHP (and executed) Static Reflection uses less memory.
  • Can reflect complete files
  • Can reflect a whole project by reflecting multiple files.
  • Reflects the contents of a DocBlock instead of just mentioning there is one.
  • Is capable of analyzing code written for any PHP version (starting at 5.2) up to and including your installed PHP version.


  • [Creates an object graph] containing the structure of your application much like a site map shows the structure of a website.
  • Can read and interpret code of any PHP version starting with 5.2 up to and including your currently installed version of PHP.
  • Due it's clean interface it can be in any application without a complex setup.

Autoloader: /usr/share/php/phpDocumentor/Reflection/autoload.php

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BZ#1327424 Review Request: php-phpdocumentor-reflection - Reflection library to do Static Analysis for PHP Projects

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