FEDORA-EPEL-2017-0d0e8b766a created by robert 5 years ago for Fedora EPEL 7

ImapTest 20151005

  • Connect to LMTP server using all of the IP addresses, not just the first.

ImapTest 20151004

  • profile: When secs=n is used, stop all the clients immediately after that.
  • Instead of waiting for the client's next action timestamp.

ImapTest 20151002

  • Don't create new random clients when running with profile.
  • The profile code is responsible for the client creations.

ImapTest 20150831

  • tests: Added initial simple test for NOTIFY

ImapTest 20150815

  • profile: Don't re-add users timeout back immediately
  • The user timestamp is normally suppose to be growing, so this maybe isn't exactly the right fix, but anyway more or less implements what is intended. The users' work should be done only once per second.

ImapTest 20150811

  • Renamed username_prefix to username_format in profile.conf. This allows using e.g. %03n to add zero-padding.
  • Added users=n and domains=n parameters. So they're no longer hardcoded to 99.

ImapTest 20150809

  • tests: Fixed BINARY tests to not use <partial> without the ".size" suffix. I seem to have always assumed that the .size was optional.

ImapTest 20150619

  • test-parser: Allow giving full paths to test=directory. Patch by Bron Gondwana
  • Send CRLF instead of just LF after {literal+}

ImapTest 20150612

  • Fixes to ctrl-c handling. We need to stop only when there are no IMAP and no LMTP clients. Also don't wait forever if there aren't actually any IMAP or LMTP clients at all at the time of ctrl-c.

ImapTest 20150604

  • imaptest: Show earlier if some commands are stalling for over 3 secs.
  • Fixed test=<dir> - we need to free users between tests to reset mailbox_sources. This is a bit kludgy fix. I'm still not sure what's the right way to handle multiple mailbox_sources.
  • Added users_free_all()
  • mailbox_source refcounting fix.
  • Minor cleanup

ImapTest 20150603

  • Give names to iostreams.
  • imaptest: Fixed test=<dir> to not complain about unexpected BYE
  • Fixed test=<dir> to append mails from the correct source mbox.

ImapTest 20150524

  • imaptest: If secs=n timeout triggers twice, stop immediately.

ImapTest 20150520

  • profile: Avoid excessive sorting of users.

ImapTest 20150519

  • Free profile timeout at deinit
  • Avoid using one timeout per user - it was using way too much CPU. Simply tracking the next global timestamp (practically the next second always) and then sorting through the users seems to be fast enough.
  • Free user timeouts at deinit

ImapTest 20150518

  • Fixed non-profile imaptest runs.
  • imap: Fixed unnecessary "Unexpected BYE" warnings

ImapTest 20150517

  • profile: Enforce connection_max_count setting
  • profile: Fixed rampup time handling.
  • Added login_interval setting to profile (especially for POP3 users).
  • This also changes LMTP deliveries to be done to non-logged in users.
  • Added POP3 client support. Currently it's expected to be used with the profile parameter. See the included pop3-profile.conf
  • Initial commit for splitting struct client into a generic client and imap_client. Allowing other protocols to be implemented later on. Most of the code is still very IMAP-specific, but this give a starting point.
  • Removed unused code.

ImapTest 20141030

  • Highlight latency lines if running on terminal.

ImapTest 20140926

  • profile: Fixed to work with secs=n parameter

ImapTest 20140925

  • Ignore SIGPIPE instead of killing ourself.
  • Log some messages on Ctrl-C
  • tests/esearch-condstore: We can't use ENABLE CONDSTORE in selected state
  • profile: Don't go to rapid login+logout loop.

ImapTest 20140829

  • If COPY fails with NO [EXPUNGEISSUED], hide the error. Because it's not really an error, just expected behavior.

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