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Knot Resolver is full caching DNS resolver implementation.

Knot Resolver 1.5.0 (2017-11-02)


  • fix loading modules on Darwin


  • new module ta_signal_query supporting Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge using Keytag Query (RFC 8145 section 5); it is enabled by default
  • attempt validation for more records but require it for fewer of them (e.g. avoids SERVFAIL when server adds extra records but omits RRSIGs)

Knot Resolver 1.4.0 (2017-09-22)

Incompatible changes

  • lua: query flag-sets are no longer represented as plain integers. kres.query.* no longer works, and kr_query_t lost trivial methods 'hasflag' and 'resolved'. You can instead write code like qry.flags.NO_0X20 = true.


  • fix exiting one of multiple forks (#150)
  • cache: change the way of using LMDB transactions. That in particular fixes some cases of using too much space with multiple kresd forks (#240).


  • policy.suffix: update the aho-corasick code (#200)
  • root hints are now loaded from a zonefile; exposed as hints.root_file(). You can override the path by defining ROOTHINTS during compilation.
  • policy.FORWARD: work around resolvers adding unsigned NS records (#248)
  • reduce unneeded records previously put into authority in wildcarded answers

Knot Resolver 1.3.3 (2017-08-09)


  • Fix a critical DNSSEC flaw. Signatures might be accepted as valid even if the signed data was not in bailiwick of the DNSKEY used to sign it, assuming the trust chain to that DNSKEY was valid.


  • iterate: skip RRSIGs with bad label count instead of immediate SERVFAIL
  • utils: fix possible incorrect seeding of the random generator
  • modules/http: fix compatibility with the Prometheus text format


  • policy: implement remaining special-use domain names from RFC6761 (#205), and make these rules apply only if no other non-chain rule applies

Knot Resolver 1.3.2 (2017-07-28)


  • fix possible opportunities to use insecure data from cache as keys for validation


  • daemon: check existence of config file even if rundir isn't specified
  • policy.FORWARD and STUB: use RTT tracking to choose servers (#125, #208)
  • dns64: fix CNAME problems (#203) It still won't work with policy.STUB.
  • hints: better interpretation of hosts-like files (#204) also, error out if a bad entry is encountered in the file
  • dnssec: handle unknown DNSKEY/DS algorithms (#210)
  • predict: fix the module, broken since 1.2.0 (#154)


  • embedded LMDB fallback: update 0.9.18 -> 0.9.21

Knot Resolver 1.3.1 (2017-06-23)


  • modules/http: fix finding the static files (bug from 1.3.0)
  • policy.FORWARD: fix some cases of CNAMEs obstructing search for zone cuts

Knot Resolver 1.3.0 (2017-06-13)


  • Refactor handling of AD flag and security status of resource records. In some cases it was possible for secure domains to get cached as insecure, even for a TLD, leading to disabled validation. It also fixes answering with non-authoritative data about nameservers.


  • major feature: support for forwarding with validation (#112). The old policy.FORWARD action now does that; the previous non-validating mode is still avaliable as policy.STUB except that also uses caching (#122).
  • command line: specify ports via @ but still support # for compatibility
  • policy: recognize as local addresses
  • layer/iterate: do retry repeatedly if REFUSED, as we can't yet easily retry with other NSs while avoiding retrying with those who REFUSED
  • modules: allow changing the directory where modules are found, and do not search the default library path anymore.


  • validate: fix insufficient caching for some cases (relatively rare)
  • avoid putting "duplicate" record-sets into the answer (#198)

Knot Resolver 1.2.6 (2017-04-24)


  • dnssec: don't set AD flag for NODATA answers if wildcard non-existence is not guaranteed due to opt-out in NSEC3


  • layer/iterate: don't retry repeatedly if REFUSED


  • lib/nsrep: revert some changes to NS reputation tracking that caused severe problems to some users of 1.2.5 (#178 and #179)
  • dnssec: fix verification of wildcarded non-singleton RRsets
  • dnssec: allow wildcards located directly under the root
  • layer/rrcache: avoid putting answer records into queries in some cases

Knot Resolver 1.2.5 (2017-04-05)


  • layer/validate: clear AD if closest encloser proof has opt-outed NSEC3 (#169)
  • layer/validate: check if NSEC3 records in wildcard expansion proof has an opt-out
  • dnssec/nsec: missed wildcard no-data answers validation has been implemented


  • modules/dnstap: a DNSTAP support module (Contributed by Vicky Shrestha)
  • modules/workarounds: a module adding workarounds for known DNS protocol violators
  • layer/iterate: fix logging of glue addresses
  • kr_bitcmp: allow bits=0 and consequently matches in view and renumber modules.
  • modules/padding: Improve default padding of responses (Contributed by Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
  • New kresc client utility (experimental; don't rely on the API yet)


  • trust anchors: Improve trust anchors storage format (#167)
  • trust anchors: support non-root TAs, one domain per file
  • policy.DENY: set AA flag and clear AD flag
  • lib/resolve: avoid unnecessary DS queries
  • lib/nsrep: don't treat servers with NOIP4 + NOIP6 flags as timeouted
  • layer/iterate: During packet classification (answer vs. referral) don't analyze AUTHORITY section in authoritative answer if ANSWER section contains records that have been requested

Knot Resolver 1.2.4 (2017-03-09)


  • Knot Resolver 1.2.0 and higher could return AD flag for insecure answer if the daemon received answer with invalid RRSIG several times in a row.


  • modules/policy: allow QTRACE policy to be chained with other policies
  • hints.add_hosts(path): a new property
  • module: document the API and simplify the code
  • policy.MIRROR: support IPv6 link-local addresses
  • policy.FORWARD: support IPv6 link-local addresses
  • add net.outgoing_{v4,v6} to allow specifying address to use for connections


  • layer/iterate: some improvements in cname chain unrolling
  • layer/validate: fix duplicate records in AUTHORITY section in case of WC expansion proof
  • lua: do not truncate cache size to unsigned
  • forwarding mode: correctly forward +cd flag
  • fix a potential memory leak
  • don't treat answers that contain DS non-existance proof as insecure
  • don't store NSEC3 and their signatures in the cache
  • layer/iterate: when processing delegations, check if qname is at or below new authority

Knot Resolver 1.2.3 (2017-02-23)


  • Disable storing GLUE records into the cache even in the (non-default) QUERY_PERMISSIVE mode
  • iterate: skip answer RRs that don't match the query
  • layer/iterate: some additional processing for referrals
  • lib/resolve: zonecut fetching error was fixed

Knot Resolver 1.2.2 (2017-02-10)


  • Fix -k argument processing to avoid out-of-bounds memory accesses
  • lib/resolve: fix zonecut fetching for explicit DS queries
  • hints: more NULL checks
  • Fix TA bootstrapping for multiple TAs in the IANA XML file


  • Update tests to run tests with and without QNAME minimization

Knot Resolver 1.2.1 (2017-02-01)


  • Under certain conditions, a cached negative answer from a CD query would be reused to construct response for non-CD queries, resulting in Insecure status instead of Bogus. Only 1.2.0 release was affected.


  • Update the typo in the documentation: The query trace policy is named policy.QTRACE (and not policy.TRACE)


  • lua: make the map command check its arguments

Knot Resolver 1.2.0 (2017-01-24)


  • In a policy.FORWARD() mode, the AD flag was being always set by mistake. It is now cleared, as the policy.FORWARD() doesn't do DNSSEC validation yet.


  • The DNSSEC Validation has been refactored, fixing many resolving failures.
  • Add module version that checks for updates and CVEs periodically.
  • Support RFC7830: EDNS(0) padding in responses over TLS.
  • Support CD flag on incoming requests.
  • hints module: previously /etc/hosts was loaded by default, but not anymore. Users can now actually avoid loading any file.
  • DNS over TLS now creates ephemeral certs.
  • Configurable cache.{min,max}_tll option, with max_ttl defaulting to 6 days.
  • Option to reorder RRs in the response.
  • New policy.QTRACE policy to print packet contents


  • Trust Anchor configuration is now more robust.
  • Correctly answer NOTIMPL for meta-types and non-IN RR classes.
  • Free TCP buffer on cancelled connection.
  • Fix crash in hints module on empty hints file, and fix non-lowercase hints.


  • It now requires knot >= 2.3.1 to link successfully.
  • The API+ABI for modules changed slightly.
  • New LRU implementation.

Knot Resolver 1.1.1 (2016-08-24)


  • Fix 0x20 randomization with retransmit
  • Fix pass-through for the stub mode
  • Fix the root hints IPv6 addresses
  • Fix dst addr for retries over TCP


  • Track RTT of all tried servers for faster retransmit
  • DAF: Allow forwarding to custom port
  • systemd: Read EnvironmentFile and user $KRESD_ARGS
  • systemd: Update systemd units to be named after daemon

Knot Resolver 1.1.0 (2016-08-12)


  • RFC7873 DNS Cookies
  • RFC7858 DNS over TLS
  • HTTP/2 web interface, RESTful API
  • Metrics exported in Prometheus
  • DNS firewall module
  • Explicit CNAME target fetching in strict mode
  • Query minimisation improvements
  • Improved integration with systemd

Knot Resolver 1.0.0 (2016-05-30)

Initial release:

  • The first initial release

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