Audacious 3.9

Qt UI enhancements

  • More configurable main window, with new View menu and additional options in Settings (#657)
  • Full drag-and-drop capability for playlist entries
  • Configurable playlist columns (add, remove, resize, and rearrange)
  • New controls for stream recording
  • Improved playlist search bar, which hides until Control+F is pressed, matches results more intelligently, and even mimics the keyboard controls of the old 'Jump to Song' dialog
  • Integrated menu items and keyboard shortcuts for the Playlist Manager and Search Tool
  • More detailed yet unobtrusive reporting of errors via the status bar
  • Visual indication when 'Stop After This Song' is active, by making the stop button a toggle
  • Better high-DPI support and many other cosmetic fixes

Usability improvements

  • A Comments column can be displayed in the playlist, and used to sort it (#560)
  • Bold, italics, and capitals highlight different types of results in the GTK+ version of the Search Tool (#701)
  • The Record button is hidden to prevent accidental usage until recording is enabled in Settings (#703)
  • Recording settings can be changed without immediately starting to record the currently playing stream
  • The unhelpful "Unknown playback error" message has been removed

Advanced features

  • audtool gains better support for multiple playlists with the --select-displayed and --select-playing commands (#609)
  • Recursive adding of folders specified in M3U playlists (#731)
  • Direct output to ALSA devices that require packed 24-bit audio
  • Automatic switching between track and album ReplayGain modes when shuffle is enabled/disabled
  • Option in Speed and Pitch effect to adjust both parameters in lockstep, thereby preventing distortion

Under the hood

  • Conversion of a substantial amount of C-like code to safer C++ practices
  • For the Windows build, an update to the newer MinGW-w64 toolchain (still 32-bit)

Bugs fixed since 3.8.2

  • 'Critical error' message dialogs displayed by Windows are inhibited (#712)
  • Scrobbler URLs are no longer presented in a useless shortened form (#716)
  • album-artist was missing from the list of available custom title formats and has been added (#722)
  • Error and progress dialogs were missing and have been added in the Qt version of the skinned UI
  • A startup notification is now sent when Audacious is started with only the status icon visible

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New build(s):

  • audacious-plugins-3.9-1.el7

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4 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

4 years ago

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