FEDORA-EPEL-2017-cf02a2de1d created by ellert 4 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6

Version 4.6.1: The upstream release notes can be seen below. Note that many of the changes were already applied in Fedora and EPEL as patches to version 4.6.0 in order to address reported bugs.

Major bug fixes

  • [Server/Proxy] Avoid SEGV when close(), closedir() returns an error.
  • [cmsd] Fix feature interaction causing improper file existence to be sent.
  • [XrdCrypto/XrdSecgsi] Make sure the CRL is loaded for the right CA.
  • [XrdCrypto] Support for OpenSSL 1.1
  • [XrdSecgsi] do not build/package libXrdSecgsiGMAPLDAP-4.so.
  • [XrdSecgsi] Improve detection of errors when loading CRL.
  • [XrdSecgsi] Fix for valid legacy proxy detection (PR #469)
  • [XrdSecgsi] Absent CRLs not an error (#465)
  • [XrdSecgsi] Fix for CA chain verification segfault (issue #463)
  • [XrdSecgsi] Two memory leaks (PR #503)
  • [XrdCl] Make sure there is no request/response mismatch, when the retry logics tries to recover from an error.
  • [XrdCl/Server] Be case insensitive when it comes to checksum names.
  • [XrdCeph] Fix ability to read back a file written with O_RDWR flags.
  • [XrdCeph] Disable logging of every read and write operation. A proper debug-level logging would be needed instead.
  • [XrdCeph] Added statistics about read/write operations in the close log.

Minor bug fixes

  • [XrdHttp] Make the XrdHttpSecXtractor API backwards compatible.
  • [XrdFileCache] Make caching proxy configuration backwards compatible.
  • [XrdFileCache] Fix cache v1 to cache v2 bridge after introducing cache v2.
  • [XrdSec] Use CommonCrypto header instead of openssl for SHA on OSX.
  • [XrdSeckrb5] Fix memory leaks in client context and cache.
  • [Server/Logrotate] Make sure XRootD logrotate does not interfire with system logrotate, fixes #490
  • [Server] Avoid std::ABORT should a naked logfile path be specified.
  • [XrdCl] Make sure ForkHandler doesn't segv if PostMaster is null, fixes #489
  • [Packaging] Set the working dir to /var/spool/xrootd on CC7, fixes #365
  • [Packaging] On platforms where systemd is available, manage files in /var/run with tmpfiles.d, fixes #485


  • [XrdPosix] Add new minpages option to pss.cache to support large pages.
  • [XrdPosix] Make XrdPosix.hh a public header; closes #479
  • [XrdApps] Remove XrdClient dependency from xrdadler32.
  • [Server] Add XrdCksAssist functions to help handle XRootD checksums.
  • [Server/Proxy] Move disk sync operations out of IO::ioActive() call.
  • [Server/Proxy] Change severity IO::initLocalStat() log message.
  • [XrdFileCache] Ease development of decision plugins.

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