FEDORA-EPEL-2017-f299186143 created by ellert 2 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6

Version 4.8.0

New Features

  • [XrdCl] Local redirection and local file support.
  • [XrdCl] merge xrdfs ls results if not unique, closes #541.
  • [XrdCl] Provide client specific CGI info.
  • [XrdCl] File::WriteV implementation, closes #388.
  • [XrdHttp] Pass the HTTP verb to the external handler for path matching.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow one to access the XrdSecEntity object associated with a request.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow filtering based on HTTP verb in MatchesPath.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow overwrites to be done on PUT.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow multiple external handlers to be loaded by XrdHttp.

Major bug fixes

  • [Server] Correctly handle monEnt on file close to avoid SEGV. Fixes #618.
  • [Server] Poperly handle file descriptors up to 65535. Fixes #607.
  • [Server] Fix handling of >65K attached files (active links). Fixes #623.
  • [Server] Make sure doPost does not become <0 (regression introduced in 4.7.1).
  • [Proxy] Avoid SEGV when localroot specified w/o remote root. Fixes #627.
  • [XrdCl] Connection Window should be applied per IP address. Fixes #625.
  • [XrdCl] Write request and raw data with single writev, fixes #609.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow XrdSfsGetDefaultFileSystem to be called multiple times.
  • [XrdHttp] Correct external handling logic.
  • [XrdSecgsi] Use stack for proper cleaning of invalidated CRLs and CAs.

Minor bug fixes

  • [Server] Print error msg and close socket when a FD cannot. be handled.
  • [Server] Close additional loophole for fstream disconnect.
  • [Server] Always unhook the statistcs object from xfr monitoring if hooked.
  • [Server] Ruggedize TPC to be less sensitive to protocol violations.
  • [Server] Correct tpc directive scanning and make it more obvious. Fixes #604.
  • [Server] Enable url rewrites. Eliminates GSI roadblock.
  • [Server] Do not reference a deleted object.
  • [XrdSsi] Make sure to finalyze all requests upon disc, fixes #616.
  • [XrdHttp] Handle properly http.secretkey.
  • [XrdCl] various memory releated fixes.
  • [XrdPy] Translate binary buffers into bytes objects, closes #632

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Hi Mattias, i checked some of the epel testing mirrors but i could not find yet the version 4.8.0 for EL6 i386, did you push it also for that arch? thanks Andrea

All architectures are pushed at the same time. It is not possible to request an update of only some of the architectures.

yes i know that all of them are pushed at the same time:-) i was wondering if for some reason you had excluded the i386 arch build. I'll wait then cause it's still not there

thanks! Andrea

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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