FEDORA-EPEL-2018-73f51569a4 created by mluscon 3 years ago for Fedora EPEL 7

Maintenance release Default changes

socket.max.fails changed to 1 to provide same functionality (fail request immediately on error) now when retries are working properly again.
fetch.max.bytes (new config property) is automatically adjusted to be >= message.max.bytes, and receive.message.max.bytes is automatically adjusted to be > fetch.max.bytes. (#1616)

New features

Message Headers support (with help from @johnistan)
Java-compatible Murmur2 partitioners (#1468, @barrotsteindev)
Add PKCS#12 Keystore support - ssl.keystore.location (#1494, @AMHIT)

Noteworthy fixes

Formalise and fix Producer retries and retry-ordering (#623, #1092, #1432, #1476, #1421)
    Ordering is now retained despite retries if max.in.flight=1.
    Behaviour is now documented
Fix timeouts for retried requests and properly handle retries for all request types (#1497)
Add and use fetch.max.bytes to limit total Fetch response size (KIP-74, #1616). Fixes "Invalid response size" issues.


Added sasl.mechanism and compression.type configuration property aliases for conformance with Java client.
Improved Producer performance
C++: add c_ptr() to Handle,Topic,Message classes to expose underlying librdkafka object
Honour per-message partition in produce_batch() if MSG_F_PARTITION set (@barrotsteindev, closes #1604)
Added on_request_sent() interceptor
Added experimental flexible producer queuing.strategy=fifo|lifo
Broker address DNS record round-robin: try to maintain round-robin position across resolve calls.
Set system thread name for internal librdkafka threads (@tbsaunde)
Added more concise and user-friendly 'consumer' debug context
Add partitioner (string) topic configuration property to set the builtin partitioners
Generate rdkafka-static.pc (pkg-config) for static linking


Fix producer memory leak on <0.11 brokers when compressed messageset is below copy threshold (closes #1534)
CRC32C - fix unaligned access on ARM (@Soundman32)
Fix read after free in buf_write_seek
Fix broker wake up (#1667, @gduranceau)
Fix consumer hang when rebalancing during commit (closes #1605, @ChenyuanHu)
CMake fixes for Windows (@raulbocanegra)
LeaveGroup was not sent on close when doing final offset commits
Fix for consumer slowdown/stall on compacted topics where actual last offset < MsgSet.LastOffset (KAFKA-5443)
Fix global->topic conf fallthru in C++ API
Fix infinite loop on LeaveGroup failure
Fix possible crash on OffsetFetch retry
Incorporate compressed message count when deciding on fetch backoff (#1623)
Fix debug-only crash on Solaris (%s NULL) (closes #1423)
Drain broker ops queue on termination to avoid hang (closes #1596)
cmake: Allow build static library (#1602, @proller)
Don't store invalid offset as next one when pausing (#1453, @mfontanini)
use #if instead of #ifdef / defined() for atomics (#1592, @vavrusa)
fixed .lib paths in nuget packaging (#1587)
Fixes strerror_r crash on alpine (#1580, @skarlsson)
Allow arbitrary lengthed (>255) SASL PLAIN user/pass (#1691, #1692)
Trigger ApiVersionRequest on reconnect if broker.version.fallback supports it (closes #1694)
Read Fetch MsgAttributes as int8 (discovered by @tvoinarovskyi, closes #1689)
Portability: stop using typeof in rdkafka_transport.c (#1708, @tbsaunde)
Portability: replace use of #pragma once with header guards (#1688, @tbsaunde)
mklove: add LIBS in reverse order to maintain dependency order
Fix build when python is not available #1358

source: https://github.com/edenhill/librdkafka/releases

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