Audacious 3.10

New features (general)

  • Shuffle history is remembered at exit to avoid repeating songs (#611)
  • Exported M3U and PLS playlists now use relative paths by default (#647)
  • Recursively adding subfolders to the playlist is now optional (#732)
  • The URL history shown in the Add/Open URL dialogs can be cleared (#733)
  • Toolbar buttons in the GTK UI now show tooltip hints (#750)
  • The adplug input plugin has a new settings window (#759)
  • The Search Tool can be configured to scan for new files at startup (#796)
  • The number of results shown in the Search Tool is now configurable
  • The Delete Files plugin is clearer about which files will be deleted
  • Icons from the desktop theme are used more consistently
  • Scalable icons are now used on Windows for better high-DPI support
  • The bottom info bar now matches the color tone of dark themes
  • The soxr resampler has some new, more detailed settings
  • Qt UI improvements (new/ported features and bug fixes)
  • "audacious -m" now raises the main window as expected (#767)
  • The number pad Enter key now starts playback as expected (#771)
  • The Escape key can be used to return to the currently playing playlist (#778)
  • Fixed the row height of the playlist view changing unexpectedly (#792)
  • Volume can be changed using the mouse wheel on the system tray icon (#803)
  • Added Playlist Import/Export dialog windows
  • Added a song info tooltip to the playlist and system tray icon
  • Added a "Play" icon to the tab of the currently playing playlist
  • Added a label showing file path/URI to the song info window
  • URI and tag values in the song info window can be copied to the clipboard
  • Added missing "Search Library" command in the Winamp UI (Qt version)
  • Added font formatting to improve readability in the Search Tool
  • Fixed a build error (QStaticText-related) with Qt 5.10
  • Fixed Audacious exiting when the settings window is closed
  • Fixed font preferences not being respected in a couple of places
  • Fixed playlist position sometimes not updating when the song changes
  • The info bar correctly changes color when the theme changes
  • New contributer RenĂ© Bertin helped out with a few of these. (Thanks!)

Bugs fixed since Audacious 3.9

  • Non-existent files are no longer skipped when loading a playlist (#746)
  • Fixed an issue when trying to seek beyond the end of a WAV file (#756)
  • The default ReplayGain amplification for untagged files works again (#762)
  • Fixed a crash when changing UI with the Ampache plugin enabled (#763)
  • Fixed a crash on exit when using the Winamp UI and the Ampache plugin (#764)
  • Fixed a warning about --datarootdir when running ./configure (#770)
  • Reduced excessive file I/O when loading playlists (#774)
  • Fixed repeated error messages when playing a short playlist on repeat (#776)
  • PulseAudio users can now change the volume without a song playing (#783)
  • Fixed an error preventing FLAC tags from being updated (#789)
  • Added .m4v extension to the whitelist so that audio can be played (#791)
  • Several fixes to CoreAudio output on Mac OS (contributed by RenĂ© Bertin)
  • Fixed a crash at exit when running under Mac OS
  • Fixed the WM_CLASS property not being set correctly on FreeBSD
  • Fixed a rare crash triggered by a specific sequence of playlist edits
  • Fixed incorrect "Recording On/Off" notifications in the Winamp UI
  • Fixed an error in the MPRIS 2 server affecting the playerctl client

Bugs fixed since Audacious 3.10-beta1

  • Fixed a freeze when saving the tag of the currently playing song while paused (#806)
  • Fixed a crash when loading a cuesheet with an unsupported character encoding (#810)

Other changes

  • The GNOME Shortcuts plugin, which has been broken since GNOME 3.26, is gone (#808)
  • The system version of the AdPlug library is now used (if installed)
  • Audacious no longer registers as an inode/directory MIME type handler

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