security update in Fedora EPEL 7 for cobbler

Status: stable 9 months ago
  • Revert bind_manage_ipmi feature that is broken on 2.8
  • Use pathfix.py to fix python shebangs

  • Update to 2.8.4 (Fixes BZ 1613292, 1643860, 1614433, CVE-2018-1000226, CVE-2018-10931)
  • Make koan require python2-ethtool (BZ 1638933)

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This update has been submitted for testing by orion.

This update has obsoleted cobbler-2.8.4-2.el7, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

This update has been pushed to testing.

This update has reached 14 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

This update has been submitted for batched by orion.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

This update has been pushed to stable.

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submitted 10 months ago
in testing 10 months ago
in stable 9 months ago

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0+1 #1638933 koan RPM should require python-ethtool
00 #1643860 Kickstart generation is broken

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