fldigi-4.0.13-1.el7 and flrig-1.3.37-1.el7

FEDORA-EPEL-2018-e36b010897 created by hobbes1069 6 years ago for Fedora EPEL 7

Changes to fldigi:

Version 4.0.13

Language Translation Added po translation files to support Greek Updated Polish translation file

cw t/r - doc update Correct error in handling t/r OFF in CW modem Updated documentation

Spectrum Analyzer Change initial center freq and range based on current waterfall tracking frequency and modem bandwidth. left click on waterfall transfers modifies center frequency and frequency scaling

TS990 tune feedback Prevent Tx/Rx state feedback from changing from Tune to Tx.

OS X CW Changes to reduce cpu load during CW transmit

FSQ/IFKP clear tx panel Clear tx panel when T/R returns to RX

deadman Add an idle deadman timeout

Image transmit Fix broken IFKP avatar transmit add macro tag to insert avatar <AVATAR> add ^a text tag to insert avatar add ^i text tag to insert image - ^i[pathname_to_file] external text file tags for avatar / image - @^a - @^i[pathname_to_file]

flrig race Fix race condition on OS X when initiating PTT via xmlrpc client to flrig

CW Sweepstakes Add support code for CW sweepstakes logging - update N3FJP logging i/o

CW no tx char, correct no tx character behavior Tab behavior is different than all other modem types: - Tab pauses transmit, then resumes sending when new text is entered. - Ctrl-tab pause transmit, moves the insert text to just after last character transmitted. Another (ctrl-)tab goes back to the end of the buffer and resumes sending.

timeops another solution to the clock-get_time problem

Changes to flrig:

Version 1.3.37

TS990 / xmlrpc server mods Various changes to TS990 backend Changes to xml server interface to avoid out-of-bounds errors when referencing rig tables.

IC7200 filter width Correct AM width table

Rotate log Add aging system to debug_log.txt files - history: debug_log.txt.1 ... debug_log.txt.5 - last exec: debug_log.txt

Get PTT Implement for xcvrs that support PTT query

Comm timeout Add warning dialog if serial i/o time outs occur more than a 5 consecutive times.

IC7200/7300 notch modify read notch to only alter returned notch value if changed at xcvr

Remove xmlrpc client remove xmlrpc client interface to fldigi flrig is used only as an xmlrpc server to fldigi/flwkey, etc.

TS990 changes updates to TS990 backend and support code update to MinGW/Msys build

UI service paradigm Change to slider - implement for IC718, IC7200, IC7300 Removed queue processing for flrig panel controls - changed to individual/immediate xcvr cat i/o Corrected 7200/7300 set/get methods Added vfo reference adjust for IC7200 and IC7300

IC718 Corrected set/get noise reduction value - change UI to 0...15 range

IC7200 added CW keyer controls corrected get/set noise reduction value - changed UI to 0...15 range

Extras drop down panel All extra's tabs always visible Correct small UI access to tabbed controls Change UI to disable vice hide controls

start-stop Moved initialization and restore of xcvr values to separate thread

OS X race conditions Correct race condition when switching modes via xmlrpc server Correct race condition during xmlrpc PTT changes

PTT xmlrpc get return state of PTT boolean vice the state of the UI PTT control

Value by VFO remember and use all INITVALS by vfo A/B correct widget x,y positions on wide UI

UI wide power button Correct x,y positioning of power button on wide user interface

Comp Level Add read/set/restore compression level - IC7200, IC7300

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