bugfix update in Fedora EPEL 7 for xrdp

Status: stable 6 months ago

Release notes for xrdp v0.9.9 (2018/12/25)

Release cycle

From the next release, release cycle will be changed from quarterly to every 4 months. xrdp will be released in April, August, December.

New features

  • Disconnection by idle timeout (requires xorgxrdp v0.2.9 or later) #1227
  • Glyph cache v2 (fixes no font issue on iOS/macOS/Android client) #367 #1235

Bug fixes

  • Fix xrdp-chansrv crashes caused in drive redirection #1202 #1225
  • Fix build with FDK AAC v2 #1257
  • Do not enable RemoteApp if the INFO_RAIL flag is not set (RDP-RDP proxy) #1253

Other changes

  • Add Spanish Latin Amarican keyboard #1237 #1240 #1244
  • Dynamic channel improvements #1222 #1224
  • Remove some deprecated sesman session types #1232
  • Refactoring and cleanups

Known issues

  • FreeRDP 2.0.0-rc4 or later might not able to connect to xrdp due to
  • xrdp's bad-mannered behaviour, add +glyph-cache option to FreeRDP to connect #1266
  • Audio redirection by MP3 codec doesn't sound with some client, use AAC instead #965

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-EPEL-2019-980e32f595

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