enhancement update in Fedora EPEL 6 for tio

Status: stable 3 months ago

tio v1.32

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Minor code style cleanups

  • Cleanup print macros

  • Flush output

    Make sure output is transmitted immediately by flushing the output.

  • add optional timestamps

    with -t or "C-t T", toggle a timestamp prefix to each line.

  • Fix typos

  • Added macOS compatibility

  • Made O_NONBLOCK flag to open() call specific to macOS only.

  • Added macOS-related details.

  • Added O_NONBLOCK flag to open() call for macOS (10.13.6) compatibility.

tio v1.31

  • Update date

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Clarify the input/output variable names (No-op change)

  • Organize options the same sequence they are mentioned in cmdline help.

  • Update README.

  • Map CR->NL locally on output instead of using tio.c_oflag |= OCRNL.

    This mostly is intended to have local echo output exactly what is sent to the remote endpoint.

    A nice side-effect is, that it also fixes tty-implementations, that can't deal with the OCRNL flag on tio.c_oflag.

  • Provide local-echo option.

    Can be switched on with -e on the command line.

    Can be toggled with Ctrl t e while program is running.

  • Write to logfile as soon as we have the data, don't buffer.

    Logfiles are important to see what happened, in particular if something unexpected happened; so we want to make sure that the logfile is flushed to disk.

    Before this change, the logfile was typically written at the end in a large chunk as the default (large) buffering applied. Now, characters are written out ASAP, so it is possible to get a live-view with a tail -f <logfile>

tio v1.30

  • Update README

  • Update man page and bash completion

  • Update AUTHORS

  • ONLCRNL: change the method to map NL to CR-NL

tio v1.29

  • Add mapping flags INLCRNL and ODELBS

    The following new mapping flags are added:

    INLCRNL: Map NL to CR-NL on input.

    ODELBS: Map DEL to BS on output.

tio v1.28

  • Update README

  • Update AUTHORS

  • Add snap status to README.md

  • Add README.md to prettify GitHub page

  • Add missing header

  • Add missing header file under musl-libc

    Musl's inclusion tree slightly differs from glibc, therefore TCGETS2 is not reachable through sys/ioctl.h, so asm/ioctls.h needs to be included too.

  • Fix grammar and typos

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