FEDORA-EPEL-2019-f2e9b0ce82 created by rathann 8 months ago for Fedora EPEL 7


New procedural cosmetic/HTML filtering operator: min-text-length(x), where x is the minimal text length of the subject DOM element. It is chainable. Example:


New keyboard shortcut available: "Relax blocking mode". Use it to lower the current blocking mode to a lower one. Currently the default behavior is:

  • Allow JavaScript; or
  • Allow 3rd-party network requests

Consequently, if your default blocking profile is to disable JavaScript and 3rd-party network requests, you will need to press twice to lower uBO's blocking mode to the lowest blocking mode achievable through the keyboard command. The current web page will be automatically reloaded each time the current blocking mode is lowered.

The shortcut will have no effect when the current blocking mode in effect does not forbid JavaScript and 3rd-party requests.


  • url(...) style injections in cosmetic filters
  • Parse search string as plaintext to avoid doubling \
  • Commit button gets stuck under specific circumstances
  • Whitelisting behind-the-scene causes uBO to disregard the moz-extension-scheme rule
  • Add link to open urls in a new tab
  • Coalesce common plain filters in a bucket into a single trie
  • Temporary dynamic filters with 3p-script won't save
  • Keyboard shortcut to change modes
  • Fix thrown exception in onHeadersReceived listener
  • Prevent adding known invalid URL-based rules
  • Fix background color of previewed image in logger
  • Finalize converting resources.txt into immutable resources
  • Save only modified immediate hidden settings
  • Refactor management of injectable resources
  • Strict-block only if match is anchored to end of hostname
  • Minor code review re. context menu code
  • Add ability to suspend network request handler at will
  • Fix some element picker-related issues
  • Fix merging multiple URls in element picker
  • Replace exec with transpose in procedural filters
  • Add test pages for procedural filters
  • Add new procedural operator: :min-text-length(x)
  • Does not block large media fetched over Fetch API
  • Last permanent rule is marked as changed when rules are added to the bottom
  • Dashboard open from uBO popup triggers unsaved changes dialog
  • Multiple "Advanced settings" opened
  • Redirection fails for filters having * in the host part
  • Show requests blocked in the logger as a result of csp= option
  • Element picker normalize style attrib
  • "#@#+js" entries are shown in the logger as yellow instead of green
  • no-scripting: behind-the-scene false sticks even after restoring uBO from a config where it's not present
  • Revert button remains active/clickable after clicking on Apply changes
  • "Block element" item should have ellipsis (usability)
  • Nested !#if/!#endif directives not evaluated properly
  • Hide predefined whitelist directives
  • Non-specific procedural filters
  • HTML filter showing up as cosmetic filter in logger
  • No warning for unsaved changes in dashboard
  • Logger: can't bring up filtering options for popup entries where URL does not start with http[s]
  • Switching configuration tabs [appears to stop] list updates
  • Cosmetic filter exceptions not displayed in network request logger
  • Fix generichide not being evaluated for local context
  • Discard whole filter with bad csp= content
  • Add a link to the remote asset in asset viewer
  • Rearrange inner loop of static network filtering engine
  • Fix "Close this window" not working on document-blocked page
  • Add support for all filter option
  • Set default delay for creating selfie to 3 minutes
  • Avoid duplicated strings in filterOrigin w/ new approach
  • Revisit code to benefit from ES6 syntax
  • Refactor runtime storage of specific cosmetic filters
  • Add support for nth-ancestor operator in HTML filtering
  • Ensure "Ignore generic cosmetic filters" sticks on Fennec
  • Fix regression affecting *$csp=-like filters
  • Fix error when loading a non-cached non-local asset

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This update can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

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8 months ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

8 months ago

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