FEDORA-EPEL-2022-10049c7b14 created by robert a week ago for Fedora EPEL 7

libbsd 0.11.7

  • Portability fixes for the Hurd
  • Fix ELF support for big endian SH
  • Sync the arc4random(3) implementation from OpenBSD
  • Adjust declaration shadowing to match new glibc additions
  • Manual pages and documentation cleanups
  • Manual page rewrite to get rid of a BSD-4-Clause license

libbsd 0.11.6

  • Build system and test suite fixes for musl
  • Removal of unused OpenBSD support for arc4random()
  • LoongArch support for nlist()

libbsd 0.11.5

  • Build system and test suite regression fixes
  • Documentation on how to build the project

libbsd 0.11.4

  • Further rework of the libmd wrapping code, to simplify it again, and make it work even when we do not need SHA-2 functions
  • Fix builds with LTO
  • Various build system fixes
  • Various portability fixes
  • Various documentation fixes

libbsd 0.11.3

  • Rework of the libmd wrapping code to not require users to explicitly link against libmd
  • Various build system fixes
  • Various portability fixes

libbsd 0.11.2

  • Update <sys/queue.h> from FreeBSD
  • Import some closefrom() changes from sudo
  • Make closefrom() use close_range() syscall on Linux when available
  • Update libbsd(7) man page with updates in 0.11.0

libbsd 0.11.0/0.11.1

  • Export strnvisx() function
  • New recallocarray() and freezero() from OpenBSD
  • New pwcache module from OpenBSD
  • New timespec(3bsd) man page alias to timeval(3bsd)
  • New progname implementation for Windows
  • New LIBBSD_VIS_OPENBSD selection macro
  • Switch from embedded hashing function implementations to use libmd
  • Various man pages cleanups
  • Various portability fixes
  • Various memory leak fixes

libbsd 0.10.0

  • Several security related fixes for nlist()
  • Preliminary and partial Windows porting
  • Fix for a leak in the vis family of functions
  • Fix for a configure check to not unnecessarily link against librt
  • General portability fixes for musl, uClibc, macOS and GNU/kFreeBSD
  • New architectures support for nlist()
  • Switch the <err.h> *c() functions to be standalone and add err(), warn(), errx() and warnx() familiy of functions in case the system lacks them
  • Several man page fixes

libbsd 0.9.0/0.9.1

  • Add __arraycount() macro
  • Add flopenat() function
  • Add strtoi() and strtou() functions
  • Add several new vis and unvis functions
  • Add pidfile_fileno() function, and struct pidfh is now opaque
  • The humanize_number() now understands HN_IEC_PREFIXES
  • The fmtcheck() function supports all standard printf(3) conversions
  • The getentropy(), and thus arc4random() functions will not block anymore on Linux on boot when there's not enough entropy available
  • The arc4random() function handles direct clone() calls better

libbsd 0.8.7

Fixes the nlist() unit test on IA64, handles glibc now providing some of the functions, restores support for old gcc, and documents the availability of arcrandom(3) on other BSDs

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New build(s):

  • libbsd-0.11.7-2.el7

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  • libbsd-0.11.7-1.el7

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BZ#1742611 libbsd-0.11.7 is available
BZ#1789459 CVE-2019-20367 libbsd: Out-of-bounds read in nlist.c
BZ#1789461 CVE-2019-20367 libbsd: Out-of-bounds read in nlist.c [epel-all]
BZ#2148612 libbsd-devel now needs to require libmd-devel

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