FEDORA-EPEL-2022-13cfdabccc created by robert a week ago for Fedora EPEL 9

libbsd 0.11.7

  • Portability fixes for the Hurd
  • Fix ELF support for big endian SH
  • Sync the arc4random(3) implementation from OpenBSD
  • Adjust declaration shadowing to match new glibc additions
  • Manual pages and documentation cleanups
  • Manual page rewrite to get rid of a BSD-4-Clause license

libbsd 0.11.6

  • Build system and test suite fixes for musl
  • Removal of unused OpenBSD support for arc4random()
  • LoongArch support for nlist()

libbsd 0.11.5

  • Build system and test suite regression fixes
  • Documentation on how to build the project

libbsd 0.11.4

  • Further rework of the libmd wrapping code, to simplify it again, and make it work even when we do not need SHA-2 functions
  • Fix builds with LTO
  • Various build system fixes
  • Various portability fixes
  • Various documentation fixes

libbsd 0.11.3

  • Rework of the libmd wrapping code to not require users to explicitly link against libmd
  • Various build system fixes
  • Various portability fixes

libbsd 0.11.2

  • Update <sys/queue.h> from FreeBSD
  • Import some closefrom() changes from sudo
  • Make closefrom() use close_range() syscall on Linux when available
  • Update libbsd(7) man page with updates in 0.11.0

libbsd 0.11.0/0.11.1

  • Export strnvisx() function
  • New recallocarray() and freezero() from OpenBSD
  • New pwcache module from OpenBSD
  • New timespec(3bsd) man page alias to timeval(3bsd)
  • New progname implementation for Windows
  • New LIBBSD_VIS_OPENBSD selection macro
  • Switch from embedded hashing function implementations to use libmd
  • Various man pages cleanups
  • Various portability fixes
  • Various memory leak fixes

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