FEDORA-EPEL-2022-28b65b6d42 created by heffer a year ago for Fedora EPEL 9


  • #542: Make the "source_directories" option optional. This is useful for "check"-only setups or
    using "patterns" exclusively.
  • #574: Fix for potential data loss (data not getting backed up) when the "patterns" option was
    used with "source_directories" (or the "~/.borgmatic" path existed, which got injected into
    "source_directories" implicitly). The fix is for borgmatic to convert "source_directories" into
    patterns whenever "patterns" is used, working around a potential Borg bug:


  • #463: Add "before_actions" and "after_actions" command hooks that run before/after all the
    actions for each repository. These new hooks are a good place to run per-repository steps like
    mounting/unmounting a remote filesystem.
  • #463: Update documentation to cover per-repository configurations:
  • #557: Support for Borg 2 while still working with Borg 1. This includes new borgmatic actions
    like "rcreate" (replaces "init"), "rlist" (list archives in repository), "rinfo" (show repository
    info), and "transfer" (for upgrading Borg repositories). For the most part, borgmatic tries to
    smooth over differences between Borg 1 and 2 to make your upgrade process easier. However, there
    are still a few cases where Borg made breaking changes. See the Borg 2.0 changelog for more
  • #557: If you install Borg 2, you'll need to manually upgrade your existing Borg 1 repositories
    before use. Note that Borg 2 stable is not yet released as of this borgmatic release, so don't
    use Borg 2 for production until it is! See the documentation for more information:
  • #557: Rename several configuration options to match Borg 2: "remote_rate_limit" is now
    "upload_rate_limit", "numeric_owner" is "numeric_ids", and "bsd_flags" is "flags". borgmatic
    still works with the old options.
  • #557: Remote repository paths without the "ssh://" syntax are deprecated but still supported for
    now. Remote repository paths containing "~" are deprecated in borgmatic and no longer work in
    Borg 2.
  • #557: Omitting the "--archive" flag on the "list" action is deprecated when using Borg 2. Use
    the new "rlist" action instead.
  • #557: The "--dry-run" flag can now be used with the "rcreate"/"init" action.
  • #565: Fix handling of "repository" and "data" consistency checks to prevent invalid Borg flags.
  • #566: Modify "mount" and "extract" actions to require the "--repository" flag when multiple
    repositories are configured.
  • #571: BREAKING: Remove old-style command-line action flags like "--create, "--list", etc. If
    you're already using actions like "create" and "list" instead, this change should not affect you.
  • #571: BREAKING: Rename "--files" flag on "prune" action to "--list", as it lists archives, not
  • #571: Add "--list" as alias for "--files" flag on "create" and "export-tar" actions.
  • Add support for disabling TLS verification in Healthchecks monitoring hook with "verify_tls"

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