audacious-4.2-2.el8 and audacious-plugins-4.2-1.el8

FEDORA-EPEL-2022-3e6d63fc21 created by robert 10 months ago for Fedora EPEL 8

Audacious 4.2

New and improved features:

  • Add a built-in dark theme using Qt's Fusion style (default on Windows)
  • Add a dark theme-friendly variant of the built-in fallback icons, and make both built-in icon sets user-selectable
  • Add partial support for Ogg FLAC streams
  • Preselect the filename of an imported playlist when exporting it again
  • Automatically set the title of an imported playlist based on the filename
  • Add a Search and Select dialog to the Winamp interface in Qt mode
  • Add a Jump to Song dialog to the Winamp interface in Qt mode
  • Add formatter syntax to allow truncating title strings

Bugs fixed since 4.1:

  • Fix some fluidsynth settings not working
  • Add checks to prevent Open Containing Folder from being abused to open other types of file
  • Fix a crash in the bundled Game_Music_Emu library's SNES emulation
  • Fix the Winamp interface not minimizing from the Windows taskbar
  • Fix .mkv files being skipped when opening a folder
  • Prevent the Qt interface from popping up multiple error dialogs

Bugs fixed since 4.2-beta1:

  • Don't switch to FileWriter output when no other outputs are available
  • Update for compatibility with FFmpeg 5.0
  • Fix hang when reaching the end of some files using FFmpeg
  • Fix playlist unexpectedly scrolling in Winamp interface
  • Prevent crash in 3rd-party QtPBFImagePlugin when using Winamp interface

Audacious 4.1

New in this release:

  • Following the lead of Debian and Fedora, we've made ./configure default to a dual Qt+GTK build
  • Switching between Qt and GTK modes can now be done right from the Settings window, without editing .desktop files
  • The Qt UI now provides a much more polished experience on Windows and has been made the default on that platform
  • Support for the Meson build system is now feature complete (at least for Linux)
  • Preliminary Qt 6 support (requires some manual setup at build time)
  • New Global Hotkeys plugin for Qt
  • OpenMPT (added in 4.0) is now preferred over ModPlug
  • Album art in the info bar can be disabled
  • Symbolic links are now followed when adding folders
  • The currently playing track is displayed in bold font
  • The playlist drag-and-drop indicator is now more visible
  • Queue Manager, Equalizer, and Equalizer Presets windows are now dockable
  • Entry, Track, and Queue Number columns now display abbreviated header text
  • The Song Info window now displays channel count
  • The mouse wheel can be used to seek in the Qt UI
  • The Channel Mixer can now convert 2 to 4 channels
  • Desktop notifications can have a custom timeout set
  • Scrobbler submissions now include album artist

Bugs fixed since 4.0.5:

  • Cuesheet entries read incorrectly from .m3u playlists
  • Null pointer dereference in Lyrics plugin
  • Album cover image does not display from ID3v2.2 tag
  • Crash in headless mode with status icon enabled

Changes since 4.1-beta1:

  • Qt translations are loaded correctly
  • Errors with autoconf >= 2.70 have been fixed
  • Hidden files are skipped when importing folders
  • Meson support for macOS and Windows
  • New translations: Albanian, Slovenian

Known caveats:

  • Users of the WinAmp UI may still want to use Audacious in GTK mode due to features that are still missing from the Qt port of this UI
  • Support for the LyricWiki database, which has shut down, has been removed

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