FEDORA-EPEL-2022-a002237477 created by orion 9 months ago for Fedora EPEL 8

Build for EPEL8 Python 3.8

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Most likely, you don't really need this. It is deprecated upstream and can easily be patched out.

See the recent discussion in #fedora-python:

15:43:46 <gotmax[m]> music: Re your review request: you should not depend on pytest-runner. It's not needed if you invoke `%pytest` directly and it's deprecated.
15:45:26 <mhroncok> sometimes pytest-runner is "buildrequired" by setuptools 
15:46:59 <gotmax[m]> explains how to remove it
15:50:51 <mhroncok> the Conditional Requirement section?
15:52:43 <gotmax[m]> In the deprecation notice
16:24:11 <music[m]> gotmax, i can easily drop the BR on `pytest-runner`, which was just copied from upstream, and i can suggest its removal to upstream
16:25:08 <mhroncok> shall we deprecate the Fedora package? :)
16:25:41 <gotmax[m]> That would have to be a change proposal, right?
16:25:49 <mhroncok> yes
16:26:13 <mhroncok> and probbaly an approval by the package maintainer
16:26:30 <mhroncok> s/probbaly/probably/
16:26:46 <music[m]> i was just, i don’t think its (upstream) deprecated status is well-known, and someone should suggest to the Fedora package maintainers that it be deprecated voa a Change


Yeah, kind of figured that out after packaging this up. It was easy enough to do though. Thanks for the info though.

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