FEDORA-EPEL-2022-adce774508 created by robert a year ago for Fedora EPEL 7

tio v1.47

  • Enable log feature when using --log-filename

    No reason to not assume that the user wants to enable log when the --log-filename is used. This way uses can skip the use of --log to enable log.

  • Enable line buffering of log

    Replace flushing/writing of log at every log write operation with line buffering, meaning log will be written line by line to make it more I/O friendly but still update frequently.

  • Avoid invalid hex character messages when switching hex mode

  • Force flushing of log writes

  • Renamed tty_flush() to tty_sync()

  • Fix sync output to serial port

    Using fsync() on filedescriptors for serial ports can not be relied on. Add use of tcdrain() to make sure data has been written by the serial port before proceeding.

    This fixes a problem with tio sometimes not writing piped input data to the serial port before exiting which results in the pending writes being cancelled / flushed.

  • Clean up tty_flush()

  • Force frequent sync on tty_flush()

  • Update README

  • Update example tiorc

  • Quit from non-interactive mode using ctrl-c

    When piping to tio it will automatically enter "non-interactive" mode which means it will not react to any input key sequences but simple read the input stream and write it to the tty device.

    This also means that ctrl-tqcan not be used to quit and sotio` would hang forever when used in non-interactive mode.

    This change allows to send the standard termination signal by pressing ctrl-c on tio in non-interactive mode to make it quit.

  • Make sure we flush output buffer to tty when piping to tio

  • Do not return false read error when piping to tio

  • Show error message when reading port settings fail

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