baresip-2.4.0-1.el7, libre-2.4.0-1.el7, & 1 more

FEDORA-EPEL-2022-dd18392b17 created by robert 2 years ago for Fedora EPEL 7

Baresip v2.4.0 (2022-06-01)

  • multicast: unmute bad quality
  • menu ringback for parallel call
  • multicast: support error code EAGAIN of jbuf_get()
  • use RTP clock rate for timestamp calculation
  • av1 obu
  • av1 packetizer
  • av1: depacketizer
  • Disabled debug statement
  • h264: move from rem to re
  • ua: send new event UA_EVENT_CREATE at successful ua allocation
  • evdev: fix wrong ioctl size
  • aufile: ausrc_prm has to be copied when source is allocated
  • conf: missing pointer initialization found by clang analyzer
  • mk/modules: fix omx RPI detection
  • auconv: add auconv_to_float
  • avfilter: migrate to C11 mutex
  • avformat: C11 mutex
  • selfview: C11 mutex
  • audio: C11 mutex
  • metric: C11 mutex
  • play: C11 mutex
  • dns: add query cache
  • video: C11 mutex
  • aufile: C11 threads
  • audio: add more locking
  • aufile/play: fix run data race
  • mc: multicast receiver enable state fix
  • audio: C11 thread
  • av1: add packetize handler
  • net/net_debug: add default route hint
  • ice: fix local prio calculation
  • avformat: open codec if not passthrough
  • dtls_srtp: Minor whitespace fix
  • vp8: add packetize handler
  • vp9: add packetizer
  • debug_cmd: support absolute path for command aufileinfo
  • event: add diverter URI to UA event
  • aufileinfo with synchronous response

libre v2.4.0 (2022-06-01)

  • ci: test centos -> fedora
  • Tls bio opaque
  • main: remove usage of crypto_set_id_callback()
  • jbuf: in adaptive mode do not manipulate min buffer size
  • av1 obu
  • jbuf: improve adaptive mode
  • av1 packetizer
  • av1: depacketizer
  • h265: move from rem to re
  • jbuf: avoid reducing of wish size too early
  • ci/build: add ubuntu 22.04 (beta)
  • h264: move from rem to re
  • add C11 thread, mutex and condition API
  • thread: use pthread as default fallback
  • mem: use new C11 mutex locking
  • dbg: use C11 thread mutex
  • thread: add thread-local storage functions
  • main/openssl: cleanup
  • cmake: sort warning flags
  • doxygen: update comments
  • main: use C11 thread mutex
  • make: disable warning flag -Wdeclaration-after-statement
  • cleanup pthread
  • update doxygen comments
  • ci/coverage: downgrade gcovr
  • tls: print openssl error queue if accept failed
  • main: fd_setsize -1 for RLIMIT_NOFILE value
  • jbuf: flush on RTP timeout
  • thread: add mtx_destroy
  • dns: add query cache
  • mem,btrace: fix struct alignment
  • av1: change start flag to continuation flag (inverse)
  • tmr: add tmr_start_dbg
  • ice: rename to local pref
  • tls: Switch from EVP_sha1() to EVP_sha256() when using it for X509_sign()

librem v2.4.0 (2022-06-01)

  • aubuf overruns on startup
  • h265: move from rem to re
  • aubuf: do not drop frames if max size was not set
  • h264: move from rem to re
  • vidmix win32 fixes
  • aumix: use new libre thread api
  • aubuf/ajb: fix possible null pointer deref
  • Fade in on underrun and reset ajb
  • aubuf: add null pointer checks
  • auconv: add auconv_to_float()
  • audio: add optional decoding buffer

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