FEDORA-EPEL-2022-e7eeb6922a created by robert 2 months ago for Fedora EPEL 8

tio v1.39

  • Improve key command response for local echo and timestamp

  • Fix invalid hex character error message

  • Make sure only matched config section is parsed

  • Add support for disable keyword in config file

  • Unify error message formating

  • Cleanup list devices code

  • Fix command-line tty-device|config parsing

    Allow user to add options on both sides of the provided config argument.

    For example: $ tio -b 9600 am64-evm -e

    Before, tio only allowed adding arguments after the config argument.

    Implemented as simple as possible by introducing two stage option parsing.

  • Update bash completion

  • Add support for IPv4 and IPv6 network sockets

    Add support for IPv4 and IPv6 network sockets via socket syntax inet:<port> and inet6:<port> respectively.

    For example, to listen and redirect serial device I/O to a host bound IPv4 socket simply do: $ tio /dev/ttyUSB0 --socket inet:4444

    To connect do e.g.: $ nc 4444

    Likewise, for IPv6 do: $ tio /dev/ttyUSB0 --socket inet6:4444

    To connect do e.g.: $ nc ::1 4444

    If port is 0 or no port is provided default port 3333 is used.

  • Fix tio deleting unix socket file

    If tio has a unix file socket open, a second tio instance of tio may delete the socket file. This change fixes so that it will not be deleted and tio will instead error and complain about conflicting socket file.

  • Rework color option

    Rework the color option to support setting ANSI color code values ranging from 0..255 or none for no color or list to print a list of available ANSI colors codes.

    Also, disables color when piping.

  • Remove print of hex mode status at startup

  • Remove newline option in hex mode

  • Fix configfile memory leaks

  • Remove command-line option inconsistencies

    Optional arguments, as parsed by the getopt_long mechanism, are inherently inconsistent with how you define required arguments.

    To avoid confusion we decide to avoid this inconsistency by replacing optional options with additional options with required argmuments.

  • Replace 1 with enable in config files

  • Convert errors to warnings

  • Extended hexadecimal mode.

    While in hex mode (ctrl-t h) you can output hexadecimal values. E.g.: to send 0x0A you have to type 0A (always 2 characters).

    Added option -x, --hex to start in hexadecimal mode.

    Added option --newline-in-hex to interpret newline characters in hex mode. This is disabled by default, because, in my opinion, hex stream is fundamentally different from text, so a "new line" is meaningless in this context.

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